Weekend Deals

Meggan’s tee is such a good basic and only $18! Brooke’s tank is another staple and on sale!

White shorts on sale here!

The Shopbop sale ends tomorrow night! Our favs (that are still in stock) are: this top, this blazer, these sunglasses, these jeans, this dress, this bodysuit, and these sandals.

Brooke’s combat boots are 30% off!!

A&F sale! Love this sherpa crewneck, these sandals, these jeans, and this bodysuit.

This blazer is perfect for spring – want in both colors!

Just ordered these wedges. Under $100!

This orange maxi dress is so good – especially the color!

Coverups under $100: here, here, here and here!

Our discount codes – Equilibria: somewherelatelyMiranda Frye: SOMEWHERELATELYTula: SOMEWHERELATELYLola Tampons: Lately30Ell and Emm: SL10.

Trust us and try the Billie Razor – it’s only $9 and so good!

We both got this pair (went up 1 size) and this pair (went up two sizes) of jeans – both under $100!

This slip skirt is gorgeous!

This blouse is so pretty and under $100! Love this one too!

This one-piece suit is super flattering and only $35.

Just got these sunglasses from Urban – they look like Celine but way cheaper $$$