1. Can you share more stores you love to shop at that are smaller businesses (clothes and accessories please)?
Stephanie Robers Art
, Miranda Frye (our code is SOMEWHERELATELY), @jennifer_adell (facetime skincare consultations & gua sha stones), Equilirbia (our code is somewherelately), Abby Alley, The Pure Company, Smith + Mara, and Lux Unfiltered. We also had you guys share some of your favorites on IG (that we are definitely bookmarking!): Pink Antlers, Sunday Forever, Brown Dyed Girl, Vestique, and Inner Jasmine Yoga.

2. You both have a great eye for interior design, so I thought I’d ask you…I just ordered shelves like these that I want to style similarly, but I’m a little overwhelmed trying to find decorative objects, vases, etc since I’m starting from scratch! Have you seen any that have caught your eye recently? Or have suggestions for best places to look?
Love those shelves! A few pieces we love that have the vibe you’re going for: this vase, this vase, a grouping of these vases, these discs, baskets, a candle, coffee table books, and pampas grass.

3. What would you suggest for a friend’ birthday present during this quarantine period/what are some things you would like to receive?!
Ahh that’s so hard! Definitely have a Zoom birthday party! We would love getting candles, silk pillow case, essential oils (love the fresh and spark blends!), a Barefoot Dreams blanket (on sale!!), pretty wine glasses, comfy loungewear, a new book/cookbook/organization book, anything from Herbivore Botanicals, or anything skincare related (eye patches, roller, masks, etc.).

4. With WFH being the new normal, do you have any desk recommendations?
Yes! Some desks we love: one, two, three, and four.

5. Brooke – I know you have the LV Palm Springs Mini backpack. Recently got it! Styling tips and some cute outfit recommendations for it please?!
I like to wear mine crossbody, I remove one of the straps and that way it becomes crossbody! It honestly goes with everything, but one of my favorite looks would be black denim with heels or sneakers, a white tee or tank, the bag, and an oversized denim jacket (this one is my favorite, here is a great option for less).

6. Do you guys have any backyard playgrounds or swing sets you suggest for kids? It’s hard to find cute and affordable.
No, sadly not! But someone on IG (forget who it is!) just painted theirs black and it looked so much better! We would buy an affordable one and paint it – super easy DIY!

7. I love your home style and would love to learn more about your kitchen essentials. Could you link the plates, glasses, silverware, etc. styles that you use or inspo that you love.
Brooke: I have these & these dishes, glasses, silverware (and have these in gold), also love my vitamix, Keurig, Nespresso, and this spoon rest for my stove (random, but I love it).
Meggan: I have this dinnerware, these glasses, silverware (also have this gold set), this knife set, Keurig, wine glasses, Vitamix, and and mixer!

8. What do you think is the next neutral wall color for homes? Trying to avoid greys.
White! A few favorites are Benjamin Moore’s Cloud Cover (the perfect creamy white with no undertones of blue/yellow/pink) & Decorator’s White (more of a bright white).

9. I’m wondering if you can help me find a way to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. We had planned to take a pretty big trip but obviously had to cancel with everything going on. It’s a milestone birthday so I want to make it as special as I can knowing we can’t go out or travel. It’s in May so I still have some time for planning. Any gift ideas or at-home celebration ideas would be so appreciated.
Uhg, so sorry! Try to make it as special as possible for him at home – make dinner or order takeout if his favorite spot is still delivering, set up a cute spot to have dinner/date night. Throw a party – zoom with all of your/his friends. Get dressed up and try to make the best of it!

10. Can you share some good notebooks for work? Looking for larger spiraled ones that won’t break the bank!
Lots of options here and here!

11. I just moved to Dallas from Brooklyn so I feel as I relate to both of you! M – since I’m new to Dallas would you mind sharing where you got your Kybella done and by which doctor?
I see Courtney at House of Preservation (I go to her for botox & lip filler too!).

12. My fiancé and I are moving in together in a few months, and we are starting from scratch furniture/decor-wise. I’m starting with investing in the big stuff – a king-size bed (love Brookes from RH) and a comfy sofa. Do you all have recommendations for places to look for couches or specific suggestions? I believe you all have a certain fabric that’s easy to clean? Thank you!
Love RH sofas as well – their perennials fabric is great (they also have the best customer service for a furniture company)! Their sectionals are crazy expensive, but a lot of their standard sofas are not much different than anywhere else and the quality is great. Also love this sectional! My sectional is from Lee Industries (to the trade) and we have crypton fabric. Any perennials/performance fabric is what I would highly recommend!

13. We are redecorating our bedroom and I’m looking for affordable window treatments (curtain rod/curtains), can you share some ideas?
Urban Outfitters
actually has a ton of pretty curtains and they’re currently on sale! And love all the hardware at Crate & Barrel!

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