1. Meggan, since I know you are moving into a new home and looking at decor. Do you have your bar/counter stools picked out for your kitchen?! Looking for new ones and was curious what you had picked out for yourself!
I haven’t looked/picked any out yet! I want to see what our current ones (these) look like in there!

2. What’s changed for each of you during quarantine? More family time? Challenging with kids and working from home? Less spending? This could be a whole blog post.
My husband has been working from home for a year now so we’re used to a lot of together time 😉 And Cam is out of school but he is very easy going and independent, so he is easy to have around when work needs to be done. Work has definitely been the most challenging. As you know, our blog is based around clothing, beauty products, shopping, etc. which feels irrelevant during a worldwide pandemic. When quarantine took into place we did a poll on IG to see what you guys wanted to see and majority said business per usual which was reassuring! We have definitely changed our content (less outfit posts & more loungewear, at home pampering, working from home tips, etc.) and have to come up with ideas while staying at home. Kyle runs his own small business and he is being hit hard from the virus which has put more pressure on me/the blog to keep up and running per usual. I’m very fortunate for my job but it’s definitely a challenging time!
Brooke: I agree with everything Meggan said above. Another challenge for me is keeping up with work and balancing homeschool. I know schools across the country are doing things differently, but our school requires assignments and projects to be turned in daily. It takes us between 4-5 hours to complete the day. We turned something in late because we were still learning how to navigate all of the different websites and it was graded 45/100. I’ve shared on stories, but common core math is like HUH?!!! to me lol, so it’s also a struggle to try to teach something I have never learned myself. Our teachers are not teaching via zoom, so this has been a big adjustment for us. It’s definitely stressful, and I have no idea how parents who are still required to work outside of the house right now are handling it – cheers to you! We are definitely having more quality family time, and it has been nice for my husband to not have to commute into the city every day. He has been grilling most nights which is also a big help. I feel like we actually have a pretty good balance going on since he’s not able to help with homeschool – he has taken over my office lol and is there from 6:30am-7pm. Something Meggan and I have also talked about (that she touched on above) is that our job feels so insignificant during this time, but at the same time it is how we provide for our families,  pay our bills, and our employees. It’s definitely been a struggle for us, but we appreciate (so much!) all of the kind feedback from you all! Especially those of you on the front lines. Knowing that we can serve as an escape from the grim reality of this situation for you means so much, so thank you for all of your messages!

3. What are your skinny marg recipes?
I have two go-to’s. One is: tequila, RIPE marg mix (I do a 1:1 ratio of tequila and marg mix), cayenne pepper, lime juice, and key lime LaCroix. The other is just tequila, key lime LaCroix, a few drops of liquid stevia, lime juice and cayenne.
We’ve been doing: 2 shots tequila, 2 shots fresh lime juice, 2 shots water, and 2 teaspoons of agave or to taste! And I keep forgetting to buy jalapeño at the store, but if I had some, I would muddle it up for a spicy skinny marg!

4. When will your Amazon Drop collection launch? The people could use it during quarantine!
We still don’t have any updates 🙁

5. Any good Easter brunch recipes that aren’t a heart attack on a plate?
Most of the things we make for Easter aren’t exactly healthy lol! But my friend gave me this cauliflower ham casserole that we’ve made a few times and it’s so good (I don’t use the pork panko)!
Brooke: Agreed, Easter is a time to dig in and just get back to eating healthy at the next meal ;). We are probably going to do ham, mashed potatoes (could do cauli mash to be healthier), roasted veggies (healthy!), Hawaiian rolls (so good lol), and this fruit salad…so good!

6. Favorite place to get hardware/knobs? Looking for pulls for my white office desk. (I’m thinking matte black but am open to any suggestions!)
CB2 (love these), Home Depot (I have these pulls in my office) and Anthro has a lot of chic options here!

7. What is your favorite workout gear?
I have really been loving IVL Collective! The sports bras are SO supportive and comfortable – I have this one, this one and this one! I also have this crop tank, these leggings, and this tank. I also love the Lululemon Align leggings!
Brooke: I love all of the pieces I got from IVL as well, super impressed with the quality! I’m also loving FP activewear. I have this onesiethese leggings, and this braThese leggings are probably my favorite of all time.

8. My sister’s 30th birthday is April 24th and we were supposed to be celebrating in Nashville later this month but with everything going on we had to cancel. Do you have any ideas on how I can make her birthday special still? We don’t live in the same state so I would need to be able to ship something to her. I didn’t know if you knew about any fun gift bundles or things like that? Even local businesses that put together gift baskets would be fun!
We recently did one of these boxes for our friend’s birthday and it was so much fun! Such a special thing for someone to open when they can’t be around family & friends!

9. What are your favorite RHOBH tag lines for the new season?
It’s a tie between Kyle’s “Around here, there’s more than just dresses in everyone’s closets” and Denise’s “My life may not be a fairytale, but I always get a happy ending” LOL. Can’t wait for it to start!
Brooke: Same, but I really love Denise’s lol!

10. A friend just had a sweet baby girl during this crazy time, and I want to get her a personalized piece of jewelry to celebrate her new motherhood. Any suggestions that are under $200?
We love Jennifer Zeuner jewelry and there are a lot personalized options under $200! Love this initial necklace, this name bracelet and this necklace!

11. We are completely redoing a house and I am really struggling with paint colors for both my kitchen cabinets and walls. I want them both to be a white/beige but also want them to compliment each other well. I’m thinking black hardware and white counter-tops. Do you have any recommendations?
A few favorite whites are Benjamin Moore’s Cloud Cover (the perfect creamy white with no undertones of blue/yellow/pink) & Decorator’s White (more of a bright white). Black or brass hardware looks great in a white kitchen!

12. What are your movie recommendations or binge worthy shows lately?
Shows: Schitt’s Creek, Ozark, Power, Little Fires Everywhere, Dead To Me, and Unorthodox.
Movies: Ford V Ferrari, Knives Out, Sex And The City (always), and Miss Americana. We haven’t watched a ton of good ones lately! If you have some good ones, leave them below!!

13. What are your favorite face masks?
Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask
, Colleen Rothschild Dual Enzyme Polish (such a good exfoliator), Drunk Elephant Babyfacial, and Tula Detox in A Jar (discount code is somewherelately).

14. Any chic wine bottle stoppers? Have been drinking a lot during quarantine!
This stone one
is so pretty (comes in pink too), this glass one is cool, and this one is fun!

15. What are your go-to everyday earrings? I need a new pair!
Brooke: These studs
, this suspender, or my hoops!
I usually wear these studs in gold (discount code is somewherelately) or these round gold ones (discount code is SL10)!

Leave your questions below or email them to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx