1. What were some of your favorite skincare products that you used while you were pregnant?
I didn’t really change my skincare routine while I was pregnant, I just stopped using retinol! I change up my products a lot but continued to use this cleansing balm (also love the CR one), this face wash, vitamin c, moisturizer, eye cream, SPF (linked my favs on #6) and oil!
Brooke: I didn’t change my routine either because I wasn’t using retinol at that time.

2. Can you link some cute/affordable loungewear sets?
We linked a few on this blog post but some other cute options are: this hoodie + joggers, this cashmere set hoodie & shorts, this oversized tee and shorts, and this leopard set!

3. I am looking to add trim around my windows. What style/look is in?
We both like simple and classic with not too much detail – like this or this!

4. Do either of you have the NuFace? Thoughts? I’d love to see a post of all the beauty tools you guys have and if they’re worth it or not!
I have it and need to start using it more because the before & after pictures people post are amazing! And that’s a really good post idea – we will add it to our list!!
Brooke: Same! It works if you are consistent with it – you have to think of it like exercise for your face. If you do it consistently, you will see results.

5. Brooke- can you update us whether you like the YSL primer?! (I have oily skin and the picture looks like it has sparkle in it which wouldn’t work for me, but still curious!)
Yes, I haven’t gotten my order yet but I will definitely update you once I try!

6. What tinted sunscreen do you use? Can you also recommend non-tinted sunscreens?
My favorite non-tinted sunscreens are Glo Skin, Farmacy, and Tula (I probably reach for the Glo one the most!). The Tula one isn’t tinted but it leaves a gorgeous glow – almost like a highlighter!
Brooke: I love this one from EltaMD. I want to try the Tula one Meggan linked also!

7. With warmer temperatures around the corner and Coronavirus still in full effect; I’m looking for some summer entertainment ideas for a busy toddler. Curious if have any favorite water tables, sprinklers, inflatable pools or any other outdoor suggestions!
My kids love this bouncy house, this splash pad, this bubble mower, and this water table!
Brooke: My girls love anything with water. We used to have this water table and this sprinkler attachment. They also love the bounce house that Meggan linked!

8. Meggan – what were all the peach/pink paint samples you had in Mila’s room?
Sherwin Williams: Quaint Peche, Romance, Mellow Coral, Nearly Peach, and Aristocrat Peach!

9. Can you recommend some cute baseball caps for this busy mom?
Love this one, this one, this one (have it and love!), and this one!

10. Fun after party dress for the bride to put on after the wedding for a late summer wedding?
This strapless one
is gorg, this ruffle one is fun, and this one is classic and pretty!

11. I am new to living somewhere with 4 real seasons and am having a hard time with versatile outwear for spring/summer. Do you have any suggestions that can be worn to the office (post social distancing) and the weekends? Thank you!
A few blazers and trench coats that would work in and out of the office for spring/summer – here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

12. Do you have any recommendations on strapless bra’s for us ladies who don’t have a huge chest? I have one from VS and I hate it!
I honestly haven’t worn a strapless bra in years (I just use nipple covers) so I have no recommendations! However, this Elomi one and this Wacoal one are the highest rated on Nordstrom!
Brooke: Same, I don’t even own a strapless bra! I find them so uncomfortable and obvious.

13. Looking for some cute white jean shorts for summer…can you link some faves?
Our favorite/most-worn shorts
also come in white HERE! Love them because they aren’t super short! Also love this pair, this pair and this pair!

14. What are your favorite black and white basic tee’s that aren’t sheer?
We both have this tee and really like it – plus it’s on sale for $8!

15. Brooke – how did you make the homemade play dough (or was it slime?) with your girls?
We used this recipe! It was so easy and fun.

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