How We Make Iced Coffee at Home

We’ve been making a lot of iced coffee at home lately and wanted to share our 3 favorite ways to drink it. Nothing fancy ;) but still delicious (and super easy!)!

+ Regular Iced Coffee:
1. Brew a cup of coffee in the PM and set in fridge
2. In the AM pour over ice
3. Add any milk or flavoring of your choice – we like (unsweetened) Califia & Nut Pods
*If you like sweetened coffee – add your sugar in the PM so it dissolves!

+ Iced Vanilla Latte:
1. One Nespresso pod brewed over ice
2. Add almond milk/milk of choice to the top of the glass
3. Add vanilla syrup

+ Dirty Chai:
1. Brew espresso over ice
2. Add 1/2-3/4 cups of chai – we like the Oregon Chai mix
3. Add unsweetened almond milk to taste
4. Add any flavor of syrup that you like

We both have this Nespresso machine + frother and some of our favorite pods are the gold and brown tones! Leave your at-home coffee recipes below!