My Go-To Quarantine Cocktail

My husband and I have been missing cocktails from our favorite restaurants so we started experimenting while in the Q! We set out to find a good spicy margarita recipe but eventually found our way to this yummy cucumber mint drink. I can’t take any credit for this – Kyle has been our full time bartender 😉 It is super refreshing and will be one of my summer staples.

What You Need:
+ 10 mint leaves
+ Two inches peeled cucumber (key is to peel b/c the skin adds a lot of bitterness)
+ 1.5-2 teaspoon agave (if you want sweeter do 2)
+ 1 fresh squeezed lime
+ 1.5-2 shots water
+1.5-2 shots vodka or gin (Kyle likes gin, I prefer vodka)

+ Blend all of the above for 5-10 seconds (no ice)
+ Fill shaker with ice
+Fill your glass with ice (we fill ours almost full)
+Pour blender contents into shaker
+Shake for 20 seconds
+Pour over ice glass
+Garnish with mint leaves

So simple and yummy!

Outfit details: jeans | tee | denim jacket (love this one too) | sunglasses