We’re Moving!

I announced on IG stories a few weeks ago that we’re moving but realized I never did a blog post about it! We had always thought about moving to Highland Park because of the school district – in our current neighborhood most of the kids go to private schools which spreads out the neighborhood kids between about 4-6 different boys and girls schools. We really wanted to be in a neighborhood where all of our friends and block families will be attending the same school. It also didn’t hurt that Highland Park was rated as one of the top districts in Texas.

With that being said, we were really in no rush to leave our current situation because Cam doesn’t start kindergarten until 2021. Plus we live across the street from my in-laws so we wanted to wait to move as long as possible! Anyhow, in February we decided to go to a couple open houses just to see what was out there – style and price wise. Sure enough, the first open house we went to, we fell in love! We scheduled a private showing the next day and felt super excited about. Then we scheduled another tour and brought both of our moms to see what they thought.

It felt very impulsive to put in an offer since we only looked at 2 other homes, but we fell in love with the house and could see ourselves living there. We put our offer in and learned that someone else had already offered, ugh! The sellers had counter offered and hadn’t heard back from the buyers for 7 days so we thought we were in the clear. The day we put in our offer, the buyers accepted the counter offer from the other family that night. We were crushed! Even though we were in the ‘back-up position,’ the sellers accepted our offer which put us first in line to buy if the other deal fell through. During the waiting period, we learned the other buyers offer was contingent on the them selling their business by March 6th which gave us a little hope. I decided I was going to manifest the house. My husband and I drove by it daily (sometimes twice a day lol), looked at pictures of it, talked about what we would change, and envisioned our family living there. Lol it might seem crazy but I truly believe in the law of attraction and manifestation (I recommend reading The Secret). On March 4th we got a call from the realtor and she told us the other offer fell through – the house was ours!

We are doing a few projects to it – remodeling the back house which will become Kyle’s office, our family gym and a guest quarters. We filled in the pool (that was a hard decision), and now we are in the process of painting, retiling, and doing electric work. The house has so much charm and many unique features but needed an upgrade from a cosmetic standpoint. We are so excited about the potential of the house and I can’t wait to share our progress in the coming weeks! xx