1. What are your favorite places to shop for tiles? I want to give my fireplace an update for 2020.
Tilebar, Artistic Tile & Allmodern.

2. I absolutely hate strapless bras too, and never thought of using nipples covers instead. Could you please link the nipple covers??
I use these! I have tried the silicone ones, but I feel like you can definitely see those through a lot of tops/tanks, so I prefer the more bandaid-like ones!
Meggan: I use these and these!

3. Are there any golden goose you are loving right now? Or any on sale?!
None on sale currently, but some of our favorite pairs: onetwo (love!), three, and four!

4. Meggan – can you share more about your lip fillers? How many units did you do? Do they feel different or bumpy? And how long do they last?
I did Juvederm Volbella & Restylane Refyne but cannot remember how much I did! They don’t feel any different and definitely not bumpy! It lasts 6 months.

5. Can you link some Mother’s Day gift ideas (under $200)?
Barefoot Dreams blankets or loungewear (over 50% off!), new perfume (love this one!), a nice candle, or slippers!

6. What do you use to clean your makeup brushes? And how do you organize your makeup?
I use this soap and it works really well! And my makeup drawer is a hot mess – the only thing organized is my lipstick and I use this acrylic holder!
Brooke: I use the same cleanser, and this glove.

7. I’m trying to follow F-Factor to take off the last of my baby weight. Do you have any tips and do you think I need to journal?
The best tip is to really follow step 1 as well as you can! It’s effective, and doesn’t leave you starving. Make sure you are hitting 35g (minimum) of fiber per day and drinking 3 liters of water/day. Yes, journaling is so helpful for staying on track.

8. How old were you both when you got pregnant/had kids?
25 when I had Camden and 30 when I had Mila.
I had Sophia when I was 24 and Avery when I was 27.

9. My birthday is at the end of the month. Looking for a new every day necklace that represents my daughter.  Could be her name, birthstone, etc. I had a gold bar necklace with her name on it but lost it on a work trip and looking for something different.
Not sure of the budget, but I have this necklace with my girls’ names engraved on the back and love it. Other options at different price points: onetwo, and three!

10. Any workout set recs? Need some motivation over here!
Love these leggings  + bra top (sizing is comparable to lululemon), these leggings & this bra, and these bike shorts + this tee (not a set but would be so cute together).

11. In the hopes that we can get away for my 30th late this year, looking for some fun recs of where to go…either in the US or Caribbean??
Turks & Caicos, Amangiri (dying to go here!), St. Lucia, or Terranea Resort.

12. So random but what do you guys do about carrying keys in your bag, especially the small Chanel bags??  Such a necessary item but annoying item to carry.
When I think about it you’re right, keys are so annoying and bulky lol, but I always just shove them in my bag! Not sure if there is a ‘solution,’ if anyone has one please share!
Meggan: I make my husband carry them lol.

13. Can you link the santal oil you buy from Amazon?
It’s this oil – the best dupe for Santal by Le Labo! It makes your home smell like a high-end hotel.

14. My big wedding celebration has been postponed until 2021 🙁 so my fiancé and I decided we will still get married with just a super small ceremony with family next month. I need ideas for a new more casual white dress to wear since I’ll be saving my original for the big day!
Ugh! Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

15. Can you link both of your Dyson vacuums?
We both have this one!

16. I have a coffee talk question for Brooke. Where do you come up with your DIY art projects? Where do you look for inspiration?
I look all over for inspo but mostly Arch Digest (ultra high-end art that is typically so easy to DIY) and Pinterest. When we ran out of ideas for our large entry piece, I went on Anthropologie to look at their abstract art, and used some of those pieces as inspo for ours. Cy Twombly is one of my favorite artists, and that is where I got the idea for our dining room piece (similar to this one).

17. Thoughts on going from 1 to 2 kids? And when do you think you’ll have more (if you want more!)?
I wrote a whole blog post about that here!! Going from 0-1 kid was really hard on me and going from 1-2 was much easier. And I want 1 more, just not sure when!
Brooke: Going from 1-2 was definitely a busy time because Sophia was 2 when Avery was born, but it quickly became amazing (once Avery started sleeping through the night!). And same – thinking one more, but not positive when.

18. Brooke – Can you link the king lounger pillows and your bedding?
Here are all the links for bedding: king lounger pillows, king lounger pillow covers (in gray and black), duvet cover (we also have this one in another room and it’s a great option that is a little more budget-friendly), and quilt (natural). And my favorite sheets – mine are the gray/white combo.

19. Meggan – Can you link your outdoor furniture?
Here you go
! It’s currently on sale!

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