1. Can you guys do a round up of some transitional outerwear pieces you recommend for transitioning into spring?! Thanks!
This denim jacket
, this bomber jacket, this trench (obsessed!!), and this blazer.

2. Meggan – What is the paint color on your cabinets in your bathroom you just shared on stories?
It was a custom mix – next time I’m at the house I’ll look at the can and post on stories!

3. With sunnier days ahead, there’s nothing more classic than a good pair of sunnies, denim, and a great white shirt. Could you do a round-up of some good cotten tee’s?
This is one of our favorites and it’s only $10! Also have and love this one, and this one.

4. I’m a Physician Assistant student right now who is about to start clinical rotations once its clear to start going to hospital sites! We are required to wear white coats, so I am looking for recommendations for timeless professional pieces that would look good under an unflattering white coat.
Congratulations! Some timeless tops: here, here, here, here, and here!

5. Can you do a roundup of good items on sale? All price points please! Some cheap, some designer.
This bodysuit ($14!), my Eugenia Kim hat (the one I wore in Pairs), this Chloe bag, this $10 tank (in my cart!), these woven sandals (great Bottega dupes!), my favorite strappy sandals, this amazing bodysuit, favorite basic tank, and this Nespresso (over 60% off!).

6. Brooke – Can you link the reusable Starbucks cup with your name?
It’s this one, and was just restocked this morning.

7. I love your guys’ decor style and am wondering how to style the space in front of your bed. Most photos always aim the camera toward the bed…so what’s on the other side? I’m staring at a large blank wall and have no idea what to do with it. Any ideas are appreciated. Definitely on a budget!
A bench or stools look great in front of beds! Some affordable options: these stools, this upholstered bench, this fuzzy bench, or these wood benches (similar to Brooke’s!).

8. Meggan – I am expecting a baby in the fall and am trying to decide what stroller to get. I was reading your blog post about must have items for newborns and postpartum (which is sooo helpful… thank you!) and saw you recommended the Nuna Mixx stroller. This is kind of a silly question, but just wondering if that stroller works well with your husband being tall. My husband is also really tall so I want to find one where he isn’t crouching over when using it. And we obviously can’t go try them out right now so just wondering if you had any thoughts on that.
He’s never complained about it and the handle is adjustable so that helps! This article has listed the best strollers for tall people lol!

9. I saw that you showed vacuum storage bags with some sweaters! They look incredible, what brand where they and size? Thank you kindly!
They were these vacuum seal bags from Amazon – in the jumbo and large size!

10. Can you guys do some favorite dog recommendations? Getting a puppy in a few weeks and looking for dog beds, crate, collar and leash that aren’t eye sores!
We just got Warren this dog bed and he’s obsessed! This is our leash and it’s the definition of an eye sore lol. But its great because it’s hands free which is helpful when I’m pushing the stroller.
Brooke: I just ordered this dog bed, but other than that I have nothing that isn’t an eye sore lol.

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