1. I’d like to start taking better care of my skin, but I’m overwhelmed by all the options out there.  What would you recommend as the top 3-4 products that are must haves?
My absolute must-haves are: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic (so expensive but I’ve tried other serums and they didn’t compare), cleansing balm (I like this Elemis one or this Colleen Rothschild one), Glo Skin sunscreen, and this CR Sheer Renewal Cream.
Brooke: My 3-4 must haves would be a great cleanser (this one and this one are great depending on your skin – our discount code is SOMEWHERELATELY), a vitamin C serum (love this one and CE Ferulic that Meggan linked), HA serum (this one we call “filler in a bottle,” and this is another good option), and SPF (I currently use this one).

2. Do either of you take baths? If so, what bath “gear” do you use? Tray, salts, candles, etc!
Yes! During quarantine, baths have become one of my favorite “things.” I bought this tray, and I use these bath bombs, Necessaire bubble bath (discount code: SOMEWHERE10), a candle, and turn the lights off. It’s so relaxing!
Meggan: I looove baths and just realized I haven’t taken one in awhile – might have to do that this weekend! I have this tray (on sale!) and love these bubbles.

3. Meggan – Can you share all of the new paint colors in your house? The green bathroom, Mila’s pink room, the taupe cabinet, and the blue cabinets in laundry room?
Thanks! They are: SW Rock Garden, SW Quaint Peche, the taupe was a custom mix, and BM Hale Navy.

4. I love your style and recommendations, and wondered if you had any cute housewarming gift ideas? I’m having a hard time thinking beyond candles! Thank you!
Honestly, candles are always a good option! I just bought a few candles and match strikers to gift people – I think adding the striker is a fun addition. These stemless wine glasses are a hit, a vintage bread board, and a pretty vase filled with flowers is another great option!

5. Brooke – what did you use to color your hair? Are you still happy with how it turned out?
I used this semi-perm color and gloss, it’s 50% off today! My hair stylist is the one who recommended this because it’s so much better for your hair than box dye. I used a 50/50 mix of black and dark brown because I had a lot of blonde in my hair and wasn’t sure dark brown alone would be dark enough. I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I still have a lot of product left. It’s available in 11 shades for all hair colors! Highly recommend!

6. Do you two have any quarantine confessions? That blog post was hilarious!
Honestly, I relate to all the food ones so hard lol! I have tired to be good but ended up eating my feelings and gained 7lbs (up 10 from Nov). As much as that doesn’t feel good, eating the food felt good ha! I’m trying not to be too hard on myself, but finally feel like I’m ready to get back on track. I’ve also told my family I had conference calls when I was really Zooming with my girlfriends in my bedroom with a glass of wine lol. Lastly, I kind of like it. I do miss everyday life, but my husband’s schedule is usually so crazy it has been really nice to have so much quality family time with everyone home.
I say I’m doing insta stories for work and lock myself in the bedroom and lay in bed. Sorry Kyle ;)

7. Currently building a home with a white kitchen but stained island. Any ideas on cabinetry hardware and colors? The stain will be darker.
You could go any direction, so it depends what you style is/what vibe you’re going for. Some hardware we are loving: herehere, and here.

8. I love the layered necklace look but struggle with buying ones that pair well together. And the ones that come already paired always tangle! What are some of your favorites to wear together and any tips for no tangling?
We don’t have any tips for necklace tangling, you just have to adjust them throughout the day to keep them separate. Some layering necklaces we love: this chain with this charm (discount code: SOMEWHERELATELY), with this necklace as a long choker, and this one layered below. Love this look!

9. Meggan – is Italy still happening?
No :( I was just thinking so much has changed since I wrote this blog post.

10. What are all your favorite places to shop for home decor? I love both of your homes!
We like to shop at West Elm, Etsy, H&M Home, CB2, World Market, Lulu & Georgia, and Crate & Barrel.

11. Brooke – Can you link that back massager from Amazon? Also the scale the connects to the app?
Here is the back massager
& here is the scale!

12. I am new to your site and absolutely love both of your styles! I am searching for a long hallway runner rug vintage/Turkish style that won’t break the bank. I’ve been on Etsy but it’s overwhelming. I would love it if you can give me some ideas.
It can definitely be overwhelming! A few we love: here, here, here and here. Also, check out New England Loom – she posts new rugs every Sunday night on insta!

13. Despite all the craziness – my fiancé and I are still getting married this summer (just in front of our families). Looking for a white rehearsal dinner dress. Preferable under $150.
Aw congratulations! Some favorite white dresses for you under $150: one, two (how fun!), three, and four (love, looks nearly identical to a designer dress that was $2,000+).

14. Can you link the AG shorts you guys love and share sizing info?
This pair
! Meggan went down a size and Brooke took her regular size! It depends on your body type and how you like your shorts to fit!

15. Brooke- bought a new house and love the look of curtains without blinds. Can you share where your curtains in your master bedroom are from? I’m obsessed!
We had them custom made because of the window height, but they are a super light gray linen and there are so many great similar options out there – love these, these, and these!

16. I have some friends who have recently gotten engaged and I wanted to send them a cute little gift to their house. What are some cute but thoughtful engagement gifts that would be fun for both of them?
This ring dish is so cute (but probably more for her), honestly we love getting a nice candle as a gift for our home, and these stemless wine glasses with a decanter (with their last name initial) would also be a great gift!

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