1. Maybe TMI but any ideas for keeping things alive with your husband during this time?! The quarantine gets the best of all of us and we’ve been doing date nights as best as we can and I occasionally put on a pair of jeans LOL! But looking for some tips from the two of you!
Lol same. It’s a struggle because 24/7 together, no time apart leaves no time for missing the other person ;). Doing something out of the ordinary like going for walks together, trying to do date night like you said, have a cook-off, backyard picnic, or do a wine tasting night. This is just a weird time and don’t put pressure on your relationship to be perfect!

2. How do you feel about having a pool with little kids. Are you concerned about the liability at all. Obviously it’s so much fun to use!
Having a pool with little kids can be stressful for sure, but our kids are now strong swimmers. My answer to this might be different if I had a baby. When we moved in, Avery didn’t know how to swim. One night we were all sitting around the hot tub with our feet in (fully clothed), and Avery leaned too far forward, fell in, and started basically doing summersaults in the water. I had to jump in and get her. It made me realize how quickly accidents can happen (literally seconds) – even in shallow water. After that, I knew she needed to learn how to swim, so I worked with her in the pool and taught her how to swim myself. In terms of liability, of course it’s always a concern, but our yard is fully fenced/locked gates and we have an electronic safety pool cover. We don’t allow any other kids to swim here unless their parents are also here, and my kids know they aren’t allowed to open the pool unless we are with them. We love having a pool and spend every summer day in the backyard!

3. Will you be restocking any of the pieces from the Amazon Drop? I’m gutted I missed the polka dot blouse!
It’s totally out of our control, but most likely pieces aren’t going to be restocked. :( They did let us know because of how quickly a few pieces sold out, they are going to try to look into a restock. We will obviously be the first to let you know!

4. Meggan – can share the link or website name for the new gold light fixture in your laundry room at the new house?! It’s fantastic!
It’s this one from Circa Lighting! This one and this one are similar and a little less $.

5. Idea of affordable ways to decorate a bedroom dresser with a tv on it?
We would keep it simple so it doesn’t look cluttered. We would do a marble tray with a candle and match striker on it!

6. Congrats on your Amazon drop! SO excited to get my pieces. Brooke- can you link the black denim shorts you wore in your style stories Tuesday?
Thank you! Here are the black shorts I was wearing, I sized up 2 sizes because I have a booty, so I always have to size up or shorts are SO tight/ride up too easily. I feel like they run a small.

7. Can you ladies recommend a good handbag that can be easily wiped down without it getting ruined?
Not sure of your budget, but any canvas coated bag like the Goyard or LV totes would be perfect! Also love this one if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly bag.

8. Are both of your homes new construction or older homes? We are house hunting and I want a new home but my husband says they have no character.
Both of our homes are old – mid 1900’s.

9. How do you make your iced coffee? lol jk! But do you have the dirty iced chai latte recipe saved somewhere?
Ha! Yes, that recipe (along with the iced coffee!) is saved here.

10. Can you do a review or just share your thoughts on your Mansur Gavriel bucket bag? Do you feel like it’s a timeless piece? A good mom bag? I’m thinking about buying one but not sure what size to get!
It’s definitely timeless and would be a good mom bag as long as you are ok with a somewhat unorganized bag. Obviously it’s just one big space for everything, no compartments. I would recommend the larger size if you’re looking for an everyday bag, it can hold a lot!

11. My husband and I are celebrating our four-year anniversary this week and since we can’t go to a nice dinner or our usual staycation, I’d like to surprise him with a really nice bottle of red wine. Do you guys have some favorite splurge wines? We love Caymus and Silver Oak but I’d love to try something new.
Honestly those are two of my favorites! But if you love those, try Nickel & Nickel, you will LOVE! What a fun treat for a special time, happy anniversary!

12. Can you do round up of some of your favorite summer sandals? 
Summer sandal roundup (most under $100!): one, two, three, four, and five.
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