Pros & Cons Of The Dyson Vacuum

We both have the Dyson V11 vacuum and it’s safe to say we’re obsessed. We use it daily and it’s so simple to use even our husbands can do it (just kidding but seriously). What makes the Dyson so attractive to us is the simplicity of the model from storage to actual use. It takes up no room in any closet due to its wall mount unlike some of the other brands we have used in the past. It’s easy to mount the unit close to high traffic areas throughout the house such as kitchen pantry’s and hall closets for quick clean-ups. This isn’t a vacuum you are going to use to clean the entire house all at once but it’s excellent for grab and go clean-ups. It seamlessly transitions from rugs to wood floors and get to the hard places underneath cabinets, consoles, etc.

+ It’s cordless which makes navigating around house easy (plus you can use in vehicles)
+ It’s lightweight compared to other vacuums we’ve owned
+ Comes with 6 attachments
+ Easy to store, takes up virtually no room mounted on a wall
+ It’s easy to empty – you just pull the trigger to release the dirt
+ Effortless to clean the entire unit

+ Battery length compared to a standard cord vacuum. Although, the V11 model has 3 modes and the auto can last up to 60 minutes. The boost mode only lasts about 10-12 minutes.
+ It’s more of a quick clean-up vacuum vs. full house deep clean
+Power trigger has to be down at all times via your finger, no on/off switch per say
+ Recharging time is 4+ hours for a full charge
+ It’s on the higher end price wise compared to the marketplace, however we found ours on sale here!

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