1. Do you girls have any favorite places to buy hardware for your home? Such as new door knobs/levers and cabinet pulls?
Our go-to places to find cool, affordable hardware: CB2Amazon, and Wayfair.

2. What are your thoughts on the Hermes Oran sandal? I want a brown pair so bad they seem like such a great staple pair. Do you love them? Are they worth the splurge?
Yes, they are a major splurge. But, I think they are worth it if you are willing to spend that on a pair of sandals. They are classic, they are comfortable, and they last forever! I’ve had a pair for over 5 years and they still look new.

3. Brooke- in your last coffee talk you shared the BDG shorts from Urban Outfitters and how you like them for your body type (which sounds just like mine)! I have a huge issue finding shorts that fit and do not ride up. Could you link any other pairs of shorts recommend or brands you have found work for your body type? Shorts are the bane of my existence but I’d still like to have a couple pairs in my repertoire.
Girl, I feel you! I really dislike shorts and only have two pairs in my closet lol! Other than the BDG ones, I want to try this pair! I’ve heard great things from everyone who has them, plus I love the longer look!

4. Not sure if you’ve answered this already but what were your final thoughts on Kybella? Did it give you the results that you were hoping for? What was the process like?
I did a little update on IG stories yesterday but I’m not very happy with the results. I definitely thought my chin would look more defined but I think it looks the same. A few people messaged and said the same thing happened to them so they did a second round and still didn’t see anything. I probably won’t do another round and risk losing the $$.

5. What are your favorite, successful socially distanced activities with young kids or the family?
Bubbles (we got big buckets and these wands) to make giant bubbles, playdate/chats – set towels down to keep kids socially distant if you need, everyone has to stay on their towel, hiking, and the beach!

6. Meggan- I think you said your long gold dog tag necklace was your push present for Mila. Any budget friendly dupes? Doesn’t have to be engraved, just plain is fine!
Yes! Some good dupes: here, here and here!

7. My husband and I just bought our first house and I love following you two for home inspo! Brooke, I know you’ve shared the link before, but could you share the black and white patterned curtains/fabric you have again?
The fabric is this one by Jim Thompson. A few similar options herehere, and here.

8. List from most excited to least excited about about quarantine is lifted: Hair, shopping, nails, facial, wax.
Nails (which I finally got to do!), facial, hair, wax, shopping. I hate shopping in stores lol!
Brooke: D, all of the above lol! But here are mine: Nails, facial, wax, hair (since I did my own in quarantine I’m not as anxious to have it done), and shopping.

9. Wondering if you could do a roundup on paper bag, lounge, and non-denim shorts for summer. Seen a lot of great options for denim but would love some other ideas as well.
Love this pair (in taupe!), this pair, this pair, and this pair!

10. Can you link the necklaces that you both had on with your amazon pieces? I know the letter one Celine. But there was another charm and Meggan’s too please.
Yes, I put my Celine charm on this chain with this charm as well! We have a discount code for those two: somewherelately.
I wore my Tiffany’s necklace (linked some dupes on #6) and this Dana Rebecca initial necklace.

11. Hi ladies! I’m looking for a great every day bag that I can use while running errands. I’m looking for something preferable under $300. Have you seen any favorites lately?
Not sure if you are looking for a specific style, but we love this one (30% off in cart!), this onethis one, and this one (love the color!).

12. Love your page so much, been following along for a few years now. Meggan, I cant wait to see more of the new house! I’d love if you girls shared some wallpaper inspo on your blog or even in stories. I just bought a new house and need wallpaper ideas for my toddler girls room, master bedroom, laundry room.
Found some really cute ideas on Pinterest: here, here, here, here, here, and here!

13. I’m going to Colorado in a few weeks, we’ll mostly be sightseeing and hiking during the day and probably going out for dinner at night. What are some outfits you guys would pack?!
Some cute things to pack: this bodysuit, this dress, this cropped denim jacket, this romper, and this dress.

14. I am looking for birthday gifts for my sister-in-law who just had a baby. She wants some maxi dresses/casual sundresses that are easy to nurse in. So far, she’s liking strapless dresses. Can you provide some links?
Nursing friendly dresses: here, here and here!

15. Do you all have any cute ideas on how to announce an engagement that isn’t tacky? I’m not into pinterest-y things, tshirts, letterboards, etc…
We would just throw on a cute outfit, take a cute picture (mirror or outside – whatever you like) and post it with a cute caption!
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