1. If you could pick your 5 most worn clothing items that you’ve bought in the past 5 years, what would they be? Are there any that you were surprised you wore so much?
Meggan: These jeans
(these look similar to mine but I bought them years ago so not sure if they’re the exact same), this leather jacket, Current/Elliot muscle tanks (in white, black & camo – have had these for years!), these shorts, and these leggings (so flattering and comfortable).
Brooke: My Levi’sthis moto jacket (a splurge – I found it on sale, but I’ve worn it so much the past 4 years since purchasing), my Golden Goosethis tee, and my Align leggings!

2. Do you have any coffee table books that would be good for a gift?
Love this onethis one, and this one – all would be great gifts!

3. Have you tried any of the Nuface devices? I feel like since I’ve entered my early 30’s I’m having some loss of firmness with my face. Any product recommendations?
Yes, it works! But you have to be consistent – it’s like working out, but for your face. If you’re not consistent you won’t see results.
Meggan: Was going to say the same as Brooke! I have this one and definitely recommend it but there’s also a mini version which is a little less expensive. I need to get mine out and be better about it!!

 4. What are the best push presents in your opinion? Would love to give my hubby some ideas!
Probably jewelry or a bag! Some ideas: this necklacethis tote (could use as a diaper bag!),: this namesake ring (I got this when I had Cam), or anything from Ring Concierge!

5. Meggan – I know you’ve mentioned you love oils in your skincare routine in the past. Which brands are your favorite/ which kinds do you recommend for a maximum dewy glow?
My two favorites are this Colleen Rothschild one and this Elemis one.

6. We are going to the Bahamas for my best friend’s 30th birthday. She is AMAZING + her friendship means so much to me. Can you link some gift ideas? I’d rather have something fun and a cool brand! ($100-$500) price point! Trying to stay away from blankets, candles…
Some fun ideas: A spa day gift card, anything from Art by Stephanie Roberts (we both have coasters and are obsessed), or a cute beach bag (love this one) with some essentials for the trip – bikini, sunglasses, hat, etc.!

7. Wondering if you could link your all time favorite bedding?
I love my Boll & Branch bedding!
Brooke: We just got new bedding, and I feel like it’s definitely the nicest we’ve ever had. The quality is really great, and all the details are linked here. (Question 18)

8. My sister and brother in law just bought a new place, but I don’t quite know there style. Any suggestions for staple or personalized housewarming gifts? Ideally something timeless…
Nice wine glasses, a decanter, a nice cutting board, throw blanket, or an ice bucket. All timeless, great gifts! And if you want to do something personalized/monogrammed, check out Mark & Graham!

9. …I mean while we’re at it, new baby/not your standard registry gifts would be great too. Clearly it’s that time of life where everyone’s having babies and buying homes.
Haha! Anything from Spearmint Baby (everything is SO cute), Barefoot Dreams baby blanket, Mushybooks, or a Solly baby wrap.

10. I saw Brooke wearing a beautiful herringbone necklace. Where is it from?! Thanks so much!
It’s this one from Baublebar!

11. Can you do a round up of bikinis for sizes DD+?  They seem impossible to find!  Brands like L Space that have L/XL don’t work for me and I have trouble finding suits that are both stylish and comfortable.
Have you tried Target suits? After I had Cam I was a DD+ and got all my suits from there!

12. Meeting my boyfriends parents and I didn’t bring any clothes to my parents house when I left the city for quarantine! Any ideas for day time outfits when we won’t be leaving the house?
A daytime dress – comfy, but put together! A few we love: herehere, and here!

13. I’m taking a trip to Zion for hiking and adventure, but we will of course be taking lots of photos so I still want to look cute! Do you have any tips or recommendations for stylish and sporty outdoor clothes/pullovers/boots that’s not too “earthy” looking?
FP has tons of cute activewear! Love this cropped top/bra with these leggings, this top with these leggings  or these shorts (lot’s of colors to choose from), or this onsie!

14. My husband and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary and I’m trying to think of ideas of what to get him. Any suggestions?!
A printed photo book from highlights or your first year would be cute! Artifact Uprising has cool books you can have printed!

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