1. What oils do y’all diffuse in your home? I need some ideas beside peppermint and eucalyptus.
I love The Pure Company essential oils – especially their blends! My favorites are Fresh, Clarity and Spark. And I just ordered the Santal one Brooke loves!
Brooke: Yes, the Santal is so good! And besides that I use mostly Young Living oils. My mom got really into essential oils a couple years ago (she doesn’t sell them), and she has this huge recipe book, and she’s always sending me combinations! I love peppermint and grapefruit, Thieves, frankincense + myrrh + orange, and honestly I could go on and on with combos! I’m someone who is obsessed with candles, but honestly I think oils in the diffuser put out better scents!

2. Can you link summer dresses around or under $100? Casual, daytime, night, everything! 
Yes! Just linked a bunch here!

3. Brooke – did you like the under chin mask you shared like a month or two ago? I don’t think I ever saw an update!
Yes! It definitely works for de-puffing! But, it’s not something that would provide long-term results if that’s what you are looking for. It’s perfect for after a night of too much sodium which is when I use it!

4. Looking to paint my house a new neutral color. Would love recommendations! Thinking a “greige”.
Favorite greige colors: Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, BM Balboa Mist, Dunn Edwards Shady, and SW Repose Gray.

5. How do Miranda Frye bracelets hold up to wear and tear? What’s your discount code?
We never take ours off and we’ve never had an issue. However, they are not real gold, so it’s recommended to take them off to shower, swim, apply lotion, etc! Obviously the better you take care of them, the longer they will last. But we have not had any issues wearing them in the pool, shower, or when working out. Our discount code is: somewherelately.

6. Meggan – do you take your anxiety medication daily, or as you feel necessary?
I take Lexapro which is needed daily to be effective. I’ve talked about this a little on stories but if you forget to take it for a few days you go through withdrawal and it’s an awful feeling. I also have xanex that I can take as needed but try not to take it often since it makes me a little drowsy.

7. Brooke – how is your hair doing with the DPHue gloss? Do you need to do it again?
I’m really impressed with it! I have done it twice now, it’s so easy, doesn’t take very long, and provides great coverage!

8. What are some of your favorite activities to keep your kids busy during the summer?
Going on walks, to the beach, in the pool, these water balloons, splash pad park, bike rides, and lately they’ve really been into playing with their dolls together.
Meggan: We have the same water balloons and my kids are obsessed! Walks, splash pads/park (usually go to Klyde Warren), the pool, this bouncy house, making these bracelets, and doing lots of art projects! Mila has this little splash pad and loves it.

9. Meggan – can you link your Amazon biker shorts again? I forgot to take a screen shot when you posted!
This pair
from Amazon!

10. Hi girls! Just wondering if you have linked your 4 corner post bed frame? I looked on your website and LIKEtoKNOW.it app, but couldn’t find it. Would you mind linking or sharing where it is from please?
It’s this one from RH! This one this one, and this one are cool too!

11. Favorite summer sandals?
This pair, these, these (40% off!), these,  and these (look like Isabel Marant)!

12. What is an article of clothing you can always justify spending a decent amount on?
I’m more of an accessory person when it comes to splurges – shoes and bags! But I will also splurge on coats/jackets, denim, and quality tees.
Meggan: Jeans, coats and quality tees for sure!

13. I recently had a baby and am looking for wedding guest dress options for a wedding coming up! Ideally not something super tight around the midsection 🙂 any good options you’ve seen?
Love this one, this one, this one and this one!

14. Any suggestions for jackets/sweaters/kimonos to wear over casual summer dresses? I have some cute tshirt and spaghetti strap dresses but feel self conscious about showing too much.
Yes! Some cute options: here, here, here and here!

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