My ‘Dailies’ – A List Of Products & Items I Use Daily

Ok, so I’m leaving off the obvious ones like face cleanser and deodorant. This is a more curated list of products I’ve really found to be ‘worth it’ because I use them on the daily!

+ Vitamix blender: I have had a Vitamix for 9 years, and I use it every single day. I’ve gotten messages from people saying they have had theirs for over 20 years and still use it daily! Worth the $$$

+ Nespresso or Keurig: I switch off what kind of coffee I’m making. If I want regular coffee, I use my Keurig, but if I want a latté/cappuccino, I reach for my Nespresso.

+ Hydro Flask: Never have I ever loved a water bottle more than this one. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I have tried a lot of water bottles, and this one takes the cake.

+ Slip Sleep Mist: I’m not going to lie, when I bought this I assumed it wouldn’t work. I swear I have never slept better.

+ Equilibria CBD: In addition to the sleep mist, I take my CBD oil or gels (it can be either, sometimes it’s the gels, sometimes it’s the oil) every night before bed and this has really been helping me sleep as well. I’m a terrible sleeper, but these two products have saved me! You can still use our code: SOMEWHERELATELY to save $$!

+ Homemade counter/all-purpose spray: I use Thieves concentrate (just a 1-2 caps full) then fill the rest of this spray bottle with water. I’ll never get over how good it smells! So good.

+ Slippers: I have a few pairs of these slippers, they are so good and worth the price! I wear them year-round, and they make an amazing gift!

+ Diffuser: This is still the prettiest diffuser I’ve found. We have several throughout our house and they blend in so easily with our decor. So many are major eye sores!

+ Portable phone charger: I feel like my phone is always on low battery, and this portable charger is saving me on the daily! It’s $$, but 100% worth it! I paid $99, but it’s on sale right now!

+ Barefoot Dreams Blanket: You know how much we love our BFD blankets. I sleep with mine every single night, and use it for movie night. I’ve purchased cheaper options and while I still enjoy them, nothing can compare to Barefoot Dreams. They also make the best gifts!

+ Wireless Headphones: These are my favorite wireless headphones. I wear them to workout, listen to podcasts, and while I’m on a walk. They don’t fall out of my ears like a lot of earbuds, and they are comfortable!

+ Ritual Vitamins: This might be a more obvious one, but a year ago I wasn’t taking any vitamins. Now I take Ritual daily, and I love the subscription service because I’m bad at remembering to buy things like vitamins!

What are your dailies? I’d love to know what purchases you’ve found to be ‘worth it’ over the years!