My Pantry Makeover: Before & After

One great thing to come out of all this spent at home is how many little home projects I’ve been able to tackle that I otherwise wouldn’t have time for. Typically, my days are filled with meetings, errands, and travel, so things on my home to-do list are neglected. However, being home has motivated me to check things off my to-do list, and the first thing at the top of that list was figuring out some sort of food pantry for our kitchen. 

Our house is old, so our kitchen doesn’t have a pantry. We have a small closet off of our kitchen that I decided would be the best solution. Since we moved in, we’ve used it as a craft storage closet for the kids but the daily mess of keeping it organized drives me crazy (spoiler alert: it never stays organized – see ‘before’ pic lol) & I realized it’s much more suited for a pantry! We safely relocated the kids’ craft supplies to a different closet where they’re much happier. 😉 I knew Lowe’s would have exactly what I needed to create this makeshift pantry, so I browsed their website to find what I had in mind, ordered it all, and picked it up curbside to start building out my new pantry. 

This pic is horrifying lol, but I wanted to give you the real life before. This is how the closet always ended up looking no matter how many times I organized it.

Probably not the *most* Pinterest-worthy pantry out there, but it’s very realistic, budget-friendly, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It functions so well for us! 
I loved these RGI baskets at first sight (short & tall). Not only does the natural woven look appeal to me, but I love how many different sizes they come in so you can really customize your storage. I grabbed some tall, square ones (or their milk crates) and a few rectangular ones to mix and match. They are extremely sturdy, which is necessary for food storage.

This over-the-door shelf is a huge space saver and makes it so much easier to see canned & dry goods. Before, they were all shoved in a cabinet and I truly had no idea what I had. My cabinet was stuffed full, and now you can see I have even more space to fill – this shelf holds so much! Would also be a great space saver for a bathroom!

Of course, no food pantry is complete without a few Lazy Susans for spices and oils, so I also made sure to get a few of OXO’s at Lowe’s! It’s funny how something so simple (like a spinning tier) can make such a difference. I really want to order this peel and stick wallpaper to add behind the shelves to really spice it up! Can’t believe I wanted this long to transform this closet. 

Lowe’s has truly been a lifesaver during quarantine. Order is easy, pick up is easy, and they’ve yet to let me down with whatever it is I’m looking for. So excited that we have a food pantry now. It’s truly the little things! 

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Thank you to Lowe’s for partnering on this post!