10 Random Life Updates

+ We spent almost 2 weeks with my family in Iowa/South Dakota, we drove 11ish hours with the kids and Warren! Not going to lie, the road trip wasn’t pleasant lol! Mila hates the car seat and only slept for about 1.5 hours. It was hard keeping her entertained because she doesn’t really watch movies or play with the iPad yet. She cried/whined the last 3 hours of the drive, ugh! Warren has extreme car anxiety (which we knew already) so we gave him CBD and brought his huge comfy bed hoping that would help. He stood the entire time and was shaking 🙁 I went back there and tried to get him to lay down with me but he wouldn’t. Before we left for Dallas we brought him to my parents vet to get medicine to help him relax. That didn’t work either, he still stood the entire drive! He wasn’t shaking but he wouldn’t lay down. He LOVED my parents house but I don’t think I could ever do that to him again!!

+ Me, my mom and my brothers girlfriend got tattoos last week! I got a Pisces symbol on my wrist and a heart on my finger. Both are really small and only took about a minute each to do!

+ I’ve been using the new Equilibria mint drops and rollers – love both!

+ Our Somewhere, Lately x Miranda Frye anklet is launching soon!! We’ve been wearing this anklet for a few months now and so excited it’s finally here! Hopefully we can share the exact date by end of this week. I also just got these hoops, these huggies, and this necklace from their new summer collection (our discount code is SOMEWHERELATELY).

+ Our backyard is almost done! We took out the pool, laid turf, poured a patio, put up a fence and gates and now just need to do some small projects like get plants (can’t do that till fall because it’s too hot to plant) and tile the stairs and fountain. So excited for the kids and Warren to finally be able to play out there!

+ I wasn’t sure if Kybella worked on me but after seeing my before & after pictures I’m very happy with it!

+ I’m usually an avid reader but fell off the wagon when quarantine started (started binge watching too many shows, oops!). I started 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand and really like it so far. She has great, easy summer reads!

+ I’m starting a new project – getting my family photos in albums (got these) and organized! I have boxes and boxes of pictures…could take awhile!

+ Our website is currently being revamped! The design/layout is done and now it’s in the development stages. Can’t wait for you guys to see! It’s going to be a lot more user friendly and customized!

+ We have a lot of furniture being delivered this weekend – our house is really starting to feel like home! I still need to order rugs and window treatments for most rooms though – both so hard for me to pick out!!