1. Brooke – I saw awhile ago a post about your experience with Vacuum storage bags for your sweaters? I would LOVE to know what brand you purchase and the size and where they were purchased from.
I got them from Amazon! I can’t remember the exact brand but there are a ton here! This is my first year using them so we will see.

2. I am so interested in getting a diffuser and love the scents and ones you share, but I have heard they can be dangerous for dogs. Have you read anything about that? I know you both love your pups so I was curious.
Yes, we have heard that and researched it! If you diffuse for a short period of time in a open space it shouldn’t be a problem!

3. I am trying to decide on which size to get in the AGOLDE parker shorts. I feel like I remember reading that Meggan has them in two sizes? Is that true? Do you end up reaching for the one you sized down on or the other? Or did you just get two in the one size down?
I have two pairs and both are the same size. I went down a size and Brooke took her true size!

4. I am going to the Hamptons and am looking for a matching two piece set for a sunset boat cruise – any suggestions on something affordable and Hamptons-esque?
Abercrombie has some really cute sets right now!! This sweater tank + midi skirt, this puff sleeve top + belted shorts, this cami + mini skirt, and this tie-strap cami + this midi skirt!

5. Meggan – do you have any comments on boot camps for dogs? I remember you guys sending Warren to one a few years ago. My puppy is having major issues so we are debating it, but it’s so pricey! Any thoughts you have/how he was afterwards would be super helpful.
We sent Warren to Tame Dog Training which is outside Dallas. He is a really good dog but stubborn and obsessed with food. The things we had the trainer work with him were going to his “place”, walking on and off the leash, and leave it. When we are eating dinner he will stay on his bed now (that’s is place) and leaves Mila alone (for the most part) when she has food in her hands. He is so good now but you definitely have to keep working with them afterwards. It was worth it for us!

6. Can you give me some recommendations on large artwork pieces (33 and 40 inches for example). Something not too expensive though…I’m trying to decorate my house with wall art and I can’t decide on any :( also if you can recommend a nice chandelier for the dining table, would really appreciate it.
You could do a DIY like Brooke did! It’s saved to our highlights on Instagram! Etsy has a lot of affordable options – love this one, this one and this one! Pretty chandeliers: here, here and here!

7. Dating during COVID is hard…going on a first date that is a casual bike ride around downtown (lol). What outfit does one even wear for such an event?! Obviously want to look cute, but like would you wear regular clothes or like athletic clothes? Need outfit inspiration please!
We would do cute athleisure outfit – something like this, this, or this!

8. Help!! Dresses to wear to my gender reveal party?
This lace dress
is pretty, love this maxi dress, this mini dress is fun, and this one is gorg!

9. My fiancé and I have decided to do a civil wedding this year and wait until next year to have our wedding. We’re going to city hall for the ceremony and then having a very small backyard reception at our place. Although its a civil wedding, it is still our wedding and I want an outfit that is memorable – any recommendations for a dress? I’ve been looking into white dress options but also open to something floral, or other bright color options. Wedding is in September. Thanks!!
Aw, that will still so fun! Some dresses we love: here, here (simple and beautiful), here, and here!

10. What do you ask for when you get your haircut? Layers, angles, blunt cut? I’m long overdue for a haircut. It’s long but has no shape to it and not sure what to ask for.
I ask for a blunt cut with textured ends!
Blunt perimeter (length), long layers with face framing.

11. Can you link some coverups? Looking for a couple new ones!
Love this one (have it in burnt orange), this one, this one, and this one!

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