1. I wear an Apple Watch everyday but have been wanting to switch to something that looks a little better for day to day. You posted about the Garmin watch awhile ago, do you like it? Do you use it when you work out? If so, Does it feel bulky on your wrist? Does it track well? I love the way it looks but was wondering your honest opinion because it’s pretty pricey.
Yes, love the Garmin but it definitely feels bulkier on the wrist compared to the Apple watch, so that is something to take into consideration before purchasing if that will bother you. I think the smaller size would probably feel more comfortable for workouts!

2. Any advice for growing your following on the LTK app?
Teach your followers how to use it, post consistently, use key words in your captions, link it in your IG profile, and use the correct hashtags when posting!

3. I love a luxury handbag as much as the next girl, but am looking to fill in my collection with some more affordable options. I’m not a huge fan of most of the common brands like Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff etc. Do you have any suggestions for chic bags $500 and under?!
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one.

4. What are your favorite bronzers?
I love this NARS one in laguna!
Brooke: I have a lot of bronzers I love! The NARS one Meggan mentioned, this one for matte (Hoola shade), this one in Seychelles for a creamy/dewy look, and this one in Global Glow for a super glowy bronzed look!

5. I feel like I saw this in a prior blog post – did either of you travel with your baby internationally at a young age? Our honeymoon has been delayed due to COVID and we want to start trying ASAP! But will likely have to re book Italy Italy and Greece to next year – not sure I’d want to leave a relatively newborn behind! Any tips? Scared of being mom shamed lol!
I (Meggan) brought Cam to Turks & Caicos when he was about 3 weeks old! It was my MIL’s 60th birthday trip with the whole family so we really didn’t want to miss it. It was definitely a little overwhelming since he was my first and I was still figuring everything out. Here’s a list of pros & cons. PROS: the flight was easy (I kept him in his carrier), he slept a lot, family was a huge help, we stayed at a house & had plenty of room for him + a kitchen to store milk/wash bottles. CONS: We had to pack a ton of stuff – pump, bottles, bottle brush, bed, car seat, stroller, etc., lack of sleep, I worried a lot (being in the heat, getting sick, pumping enough etc.), and wasn’t as relaxing. I will say, it’s easier traveling with a baby than it is with a toddler! We did a blog post a while back with our tips for traveling with babies!

6. Any cute weekender or duffel bags?! I can’t seem to find one!
We love ours from Stoney Clover! So fun because you get to customize them. They gave us a code for you guys to save $$: SOMEWHERELATELY.

7. Any recommendations for two-story entry lighting? I love a classic lantern style but having trouble finding a large enough one that doesn’t feel “lost” with such tall ceilings.
I recently saw this one in an open house (the largest size) and it was stunnnning! The entry was also 2-story, so it would be perfect! It’s $$ but probably because of the size. This is another option that is more affordable.

8. Do you have any cute gift recommendations for a new baby/second-time mom? My friend is due with her second baby girl, so there won’t be a shower, but I’d still like to get a gift!
Barefoot Dreams blanket, Freshly Picked moccasins, a chic baby book, a cute outfit (love Spearmint Baby), or Little Sleepies jammies (they’re soo soft and cozy!).

9. Can you share any tips and tricks for a long road trip with kids? Did y’all do it in one day? Thanks!
Yes, we did it in one day! Camden was an angel – we got him an iPad for his birthday last month so he kept himself pretty entertained with playing games and watching movies on it. Mila was honestly hard to keep entertained. We brought tons of books, toys, babies, an old iPad, snacks and drinks but she got pretty fussy by the end of the ride. For her nap I hung a blanket over the window and brought a sound machine. She slept for about 1.5 hours which was longer than I thought she would!

10. Any recc’s for a nude/beige designer belt? I LOVE the Gucci double G with pearl in dusty pink but I wish it wasn’t as thin…I also like the LV essential in mink color but it’s sold out everywhere (that I’ve seen). Would love to hear your thoughts!
This one, my favorite belt! It’s not necessarily ‘nude,’ but it’s the perfect neutral that goes with everything year-round! Better than nude IMO!

11. I love the look of high rise bathing suits, but they just aren’t flattering on me, do you have any non high waisted bathing suit (2 piece) recommendations?
Lucky! Love this onethis onethis one, and this one!

12. I have an upcoming baptism to attend soon and I’m 4 months pregnant. Any dresses you recommend?
A  few dresses that would be great: onetwothree, and four.

13. I’m looking for a dress for an August wedding in northern Michigan. Per the bride, attire should be “cocktail/casual- maxi dress, dressy jumpsuit, cocktail dress”. The vibe is boho. I’m looking to spend around $100 and would like something kind of flowy, as I am short but pear -shaped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Love this one, this one, and this one! We also linked a few more dresses on #15 that might work!

14. Not sure if this is a coffee talk or more of a blog post, but could you guys do an update on your home offices/workspaces? I’m WFH for the remainder of the year and I’m looking for a small desk and some inspiration to keep me motivated!
Yes, we can definitely do a bog post about our home offices and share some recommendations!

15. Dress ideas for a casual Okoboji wedding in early August. If you have ideas for rehearsal dinner as well that would be great.
Dress options we’re loving: here, here, here, here and here!

16. Brooke – Thank you for being open about your Hashimotos journey, it helps me not feel alone with this “invisible illness.” I know you’ve both mentioned wanting more babies, are you worried about Hashimotos and infertility?
Yes, a little bit. With my first two, thankfully I was able to get pregnant very easily (the first month with both), and it’s proving to be much more difficult this time. I’m not stressing about it too much as I know that won’t help, and I’m also open to any/all ways of having a 3rd.

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