1. Brooke – are you still dairy free? You mentioned on stories that you were having feta with your salad so I was just curious! If you found a good DF feta option please share!
Not 100%. I try to eat dairy free 90% of the time because I know how it messes with my skin, but I do eat feta & goat cheese, and if I’m at a coffee shop I will get half and half in my coffee!

2. What are some things your readers don’t know about the both of you?
I’ve lived in six states: Iowa, Washington, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois and Texas!
Brooke: Me too – I was born and raised in Iowa until age 18, but now 6 states in total! But another thing about me is that I’m super shy until you get to know me, then I’m weird ha! 😉 I told my husband that on our first date, and he always reminds me that I was not lying loll. Weirdo at heart.

3. We just purchased our first home and I am stressing about picking paint colors! Love both of your homes and would love to know what paint colors you used.
Brooke: Congrats! My favorite white is BM Cloud Cover & we have it in a lot of rooms in our home. We also have BM Balboa Mist and BM Decorator’s White (in office). My favorite greige is BM Revere Pewter.
Meggan: SW Rock Garden, BM Cloud Cover, SW Repose Grey (in our last house), BM Hale Navy, and BM Revere Pewter (in our last house).

4. Would love some Gift ideas for mom’s 60th birthday!
If she’s into jewelry, something from Ring Concierge! Love this bracelet, these earrings, and this ring!

5. Doing a boat night for a friend’s birthday next week and would love your recommendations on what to wear! Something cute but still practical as it can get chilly at night!
Love this jumpsuit, and bring a denim jacket for when it gets chilly! Also love this bodysuitthis one, and this dress with a moto jacket.

6. Are you guys glad you started your families when you did? I’m 25 and don’t feel quite ready to have kids yet, but I want to be a young mom and don’t want to wait too long! Any perspective on this?
Yes, I always knew I wanted to be a young mom! I had Sophia when I was 24 and Avery at 27. My advice would be to definitely wait until you feel 100% ready!
I wasn’t planning on getting pregnant at 25 but now I’m happy I started younger than intended (I always thought I wanted to start at 30). I agree with Brooke – wait until you are 100% ready!

7. I’m starting a new job and want new classy tote/work bag to use daily. Do you have any recommendations under $500? (trying to stay away from Tory Burch/MK/Kate Spade) and maybe one investment option that would be good to save up for?
Favorite investment tote that isn’t crazy crazy $$ is this one! Can’t believe black is on sale, we’ve never seen this bag on sale! Totes around/under $500: this one, this one, or this one (customizable).

8. Any breastfeeding friendly dress suggestions for my brother’s wedding next month? In Minneapolis, family only but still dressy.
Love this one, this one (such a pretty color), this one, and this one!

9. If you were in between sizes of the Cartier love bracelet, would you go slightly snug or slightly loose? Which sizes do you guys have?
It’s hard to say without really seeing it on your wrist, but we would recommend going with whichever is most comfortable since you won’t really be taking it off. Brooke wears a size 16 and I (Meggan) don’t know what size I have – I tried two on and went with the snugger one!

10. I am wanting to schedule photos of me and my boyfriend and I am having a hard time finding a dress to wear for the photos! Any suggestions?
Yes! Loving this tie-strap one, this linen one, this bell sleeve one, or this maxi (just ordered it!).

11. What are your two must have SkinCeutical products? I’m looking to upgrade my skincare routine!
Definitely the H.A Intensifier and the C E Ferulic!

12. Meggan – I know you have talked about being on Lexapro before but I was wondering if you could talk about it again on your next coffee talk or point me in the direction of some posts where you’ve talked about it previously? I was just prescribed 10mg yesterday and I’m very wary of taking it. I know I need it at least temporarily for my anxiety but I’m so afraid of gaining weight and not being able to drink wine or margaritas on the weekends lol. Part of why I went to the doctor is because of anxiety induced weight gain so gaining even more just freaks me out. I know everyone has different experiences with medicines, but I’m looking for reassurance from someone it has worked for!! I’ve been reading forums and reddit but seems like only people with terrible side effects are posting there to complain. Go figure ha! I’d love it if you could share (or tell me where to look if you’ve shared previously!) your experience.
I haven’t had any side effects from taking it! And I drink wine and margs still! Drinks definitely hit me a little quicker so I just pace myself if I’m having more than a glass. My husband is also on it as well and the only side effect he had was nausea (he stopped taking it on an empty stomach and that helped!). I know everyone reacts differently but I really have no complaints about it!