1. If you could have any designer (US-based) do your entire home, who would it be?
Can I pick my friends instead – Brooke or my friend Amy lol! Amy’s home is seriously amazing! She recently remodeled and every inch is drool worthy. As for Brooke, you guys have seen her home – no explanation needed!!
Brooke: Aw thanks Meggan! I agree, Amy’s house is so cool! I think I would have to say Amber Lewis or Nicole Davis! I love everything they touch!

2. Can you guys do a sunglasses round up of trendy pairs under $100?
Loving this pair, this pair, this pair and this pair!

3. Can you link some dupes for your vintage rugs? Any price point.
Here are a few great options: one, two, three and four! All of these are available in any size you would need!

4. Would love to know the top 1-2 skincare items you use?! Also any headband recommendations to keep your hair back when washing your face!
My top two are the SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and a cleansing balm (either this Elemis one or this Colleen Rothschild one). I’ve tried other vitamin C serums and none of them have compared to SkinCeuticals. And I picked cleansing balm because my skin has felt amazing ever since I started double cleansing. It dissolves makeup, pollutants, clears congested pores, and leaves your skin soft and bright! I was gifted headband similar to this one years ago and love it (this one has amazing reviews too).
Brooke: Ok, I love the two Meggan listed also, but I’ll make mine different! I would say HA Intensifier and GloPro. The GloPro gives you 80% higher product penetration – why invest in great skincare products if you’re not going to roll and have them be that much more effective?! This is the spa headband I use!

5. What do you get the girl that has everything for her birthday? Wanting to spend around $300!
Love this card holder, this bracelet (we both have these & love them), or some fun earrings (these are sold individually).

6. Any ideas for fun bachelorette party gifts? (Sometimes I wonder how much lingerie one person can really wear lol)
Lol we agree! We would love to have gotten a nice robe, these silky PJs, or this set too (so cute b/c they say bride!).

7. Brooke can you please share your diffuser and the oil that smells like the One Hotel signature scent?
This is the diffuser
& this is the scent!

8. Where do you both shop for wallpaper?
Anthropologie, Decorator’s Best, Lulu & Georgia, and Burke Decor.

9. Wondering if you have any wedding gift suggestions that isn’t money? A lot of my close friends/family are getting married and I would like to find something more thoughtful than writing a check 😉 Looking around the $100-200 range!
Nice wine glasses with a great bottle of wine, this wine chiller, or a pretty serving tray (can be engraved).