1. Brooke do you still use your peloton & think it was worth it? Considering getting one and would like your opinion since you’ve had it for a while. Any accessories you purchased that you can or cannot live without?
Yes! I love it & think it’s worth it. I didn’t purchase any of the accessories besides the shoes and weights.

2. We just got this table for our breakfast room and I need some chair suggestions! Help!
That table is amazing!!! Love these chairs or these chairs!

3. Talk to us about the Artis brushes. Are they worth the investment? Do you use them regularly and do you recommend them?
Yes! We love them and use them daily. If we were recommending one or two it would be one of the larger oval brushes (for foundation, etc) because those are definitely our most used!

4. The heat of summer is in full swing! What do you wear for casual outings when you know you’re going to sweat?
I can only wear flowy dresses in this Texas heat! A few cute ones are here, here, here and here! And I avoid grey lol!

5. Meggan – you just did a story in your home gym which I loved!  I am in the process of remodeling ours, can you let me know what flooring you used? And any other tips you have? Ours is going in a windowless basement… so white and bright is important!
So exciting! We got our flooring from Rubber Flooring Inc. – they have a ton of options but we went with the 1/2″ rubber roll. Mirrors will help open/make the room feel bigger. We also hung 3 of these which I love!

6. I want to buy my first pair of golden goose but I’m not sure what to go with. I’m girly but also love an edgy style at the same time. Would love your help with choosing my first pair!
Love this pair with the silver star and black back, this pair, and this pair! Both of these are a bit more girly and the second pair is more edgy with the snakeskin on the back! Really can’t go wrong!

7. My fiancé and I are finally getting out of IL and taking a road trip to Blackberry Mountain in Tennessee for Labor Day. While we’ll be outdoors most of the day, I still want to “dress up” for dinner and we might be taking engagement pictures there with some gorgeous views of the mountains while we’re there. Do you have recommendations on dresses for the trip?! Mountain chic if you will (ha!).
A few we love: one, two, and three!

8. I need help finding a large table desk for my home office! Similar Style to yours, Meggan. Prefer white but open to anything! Under $500.
White desk options under $500: here (love the hardware!!), here, here and here!

9. My husband, 2yr old son and I are Taking family photos in a few weeks. We are doing a “golden hour” (sunset) session on the beach. Any dress suggestions for me? I’m also 5 weeks pregnant so want flowy.
Love this dress, this one, or this one! All so pretty and flowy.

10. I’m writing because my MOH is throwing my fiancé and me a small outdoor engagement party mid-September. I’d love to find a white/cream dress (maybe knit?) that would be appropriate for fall but lightweight enough that I’m not sweating 🙂 Do you have any suggestions for something different and not too summery? Open to spending $300 max.
This dress is really pretty! Also loving this one and this one!

11. Can you share some black bike shorts that won’t give the dreaded “sausage thigh” effect? Love the look, and I’m fairly thin but almost all pairs squeeze my thighs too much for my liking.
I have this pair and really like them! They’re super comfy.

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