1. I’m going on a girls lake trip weekend and I’m looking for some cute but comfy outfits to bring. What are some things you would pack? We’re going to be boating during the day and cooking dinner/lounging at night.
Comfy pieces I would pack: this balloon sleeve hoodie, these biker shorts, this thermal top, these joggers with the matching hoodie, and this quarter zip sweatshirt!

2. I’ve been eyeing this wallpaper one of you recommended, and I fell in love! I’m wondering what kind of rugs you would suggest for an office space to go with this wallpaper. I’m looking for rugs under $400. My office space is a 10×10.
The wallpaper is sooo good! Rugs that would look good with it: here, here, here and here!

3. Looking for a beautiful open toe sandal to wear on my wedding day (future husband is only about two inches taller) so no heel. Price range around $500!
Some pretty options: here (very small heel but love!!), here, here and here!

4. Brooke – The Golden Goose sneakers you wear (black star and tan back), are those still in stock anywhere or have you seen similar?
No, sadly they are an older style and I haven’t seen them anywhere! A couple similar options I love: this pair and this pair.

5. Could you provide ideas for tv consoles and coffee tables? Would like to keep the console under $700 and coffee table under $500. Leaning towards ivory or very light wood for the console.
Coffee tables: here, here and here. Consoles: here (looove!), here and here!

6. Do either of you have godparents for your kids? What are cute gifts/proposal ideas for a godmother?
Call us old fashioned, but we would probably just write a thoughtful card on why you are choosing/asking her! Or face-to-face. It’s a special ask, so it should be from the heart!

7. I am moving in with my bf and looking for a few home items to spruce up the place. I love 1 Hotels aesthetic and looking to recreate that on a budget. Looking for bar stools, coffee table, rug and throw pillows (we have a brown sofa..eeek). Hoping you can provide some inspo!
Love these stoolsthis rug (natural color), this coffee tablethis coffee table, and these pillows. Also love a cool vase with a candle for your coffee table. And don’t forget a plant/tree – either banana leaf or fiddle leaf fig! Very 1 Hotel!

8. I recently moved to Southern California, and I desperately need to up my skirt game since the weather is so mild here year-round.  Do you have any recs for mini or midi wrap skirts (ideally under $100)?  Thanks!
Yes! Loving this one, this one, this one and this one!

9. Love both of your decorating styles, and I’m looking for new dining chairs. We own a renovated brownstone, so looking for something thats in a smaller “city” scale. We want something great quality, with a low back (not wishbone), sleek and modern but comfortable (most likely upholstered), and not a huge footprint.
Chair options: here, here, here and here!

10. My husband and I are going to Yellowstone over Labor Day. I was looking for some cute but FUNCTIONAL daytime outfits. Thank you!
We would pack leggings, oversized sweatshirts, jeans, basic & graphic tees, sneakers, a couple pairs of jeans, and a dress! Some ideas: faux leather leggings, this oversized hoodie (so comfy, I have it in xs), these joggers, this track jacket, these biker shorts (so many colors), this fleece jacket (major Yellowstone vibes), these jeans, and this pullover!

11. I’m moving and need throw pillows to liven up my not so cute couch (the cheaper the better). It’s dark brown velvet!
Mudcloth pillows would look good on dark brown velvet! Etsy has tons of options (here) but my personal favorites are this one, this one and this one!

12. My sister and I are surprising our guys at the end of August with an evening sail on Lake Michigan and dinner Downtown Chicago afterwards for their birthdays. Any suggestions on a cute outfit that can be worn both on a sailboat and at a nice dinner would be much appreciated!!! Preferably under $200.
That sounds sooo fun! I miss Chicago! You could do this romper, this skirt with this bodysuit or the matching top, or this smocked jumpsuit!

13. We are moving to a new home that has a counter “island”…any cute counter stool recommendations that are affordable?
Love these, these and these!

14. I was invited to a very small unique wedding in DC. Can you tell me what to wear to a semi-formal 8am outdoor wedding in Washington DC? A few more details – brunch at the couple’s house to follow then a wedding celebration at the couple’s house and it says feel free to change into party casual…I am stumped!
For the wedding/brunch dress ideas: here, here and here! For party/casual could do this jumpsuit, this puff sleeve dress or this smocked mini dress!

You can email your questions to us at brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or submit them here!