1. Meggan, I am heading to Whitefish/Glacier National Park in Sept (so amped!!) Do you have any recs for hikes, restaurants, or special/fun things to do in the area?
Just posted my Whitefish travel guide here! So excited for you, it’s such a fun and beautiful place!

2. You guys did a kitchenware post that I loved but I’m needing everyday glass/drinkware – help! Clear glass is my only must!
A few drinking glasses we like: herehere, and here.

3. I didn’t know if you guys have any opinions on LED masks. I don’t remember seeing anything on your blog. I want to purchase the Dr. Dennis LED mask but can’t find a review!
We don’t have any reviews or own an LED light mask, but really want to buy the same one! Have actually heard really great things about it!

4. Brooke – I would love to see more of your home. Could you take us on a home tour with links to your products?
Yes, I can do that sometime! I feel like I’m constantly working on things/changing things so it never feels ‘done,’ but I can share anyway!

5. The Brixton hat Meggan posted about, I need ASAP! Headed to a week horseback riding and camping! Just need to know how the sizing runs. I know you have a Lack Of Color rancher hat and wonder what size you took in that and if its comparable in size!
I got a size small in the hat and it fits perfect! My Lack Of Color hat is actually a little too big on me and I got a medium in it.

6. I’m going to a small family black tie optional wedding in Northern CA at the end of September and looking for a dress or jumpsuit to wear. Something other than my go to all black, ideally something under $150 if possible. Thank you so much!
Love this ruched dress, this jumpsuit (back but it’s so cute!), this slip dress, and this pleated dress!

7. We just found out we are pregnant with our first (SO excited). Any advice you have for a first time expectant mom? I need to stay off google!
Congratulations, so exciting! Yes – stay off Google lol. Just take things day by day, ask your doctor any questions you have at all (and write them down as you think about them so you don’t forget once you’re at your appointment), and try to enjoy this time!

8. I just got a bonus from work and I want to splurge on A designer piece! What pieces are you loving currently and are also timeless. Ive been looking at the LV Pochette Metis, Cartier hoops, or a Goyard. Budget is 5k.
Congratulations! Love all of those options, which would you use the most? That’s probably the one we would go with! Also really love this Fendi bag!

9. My man and I are planning on buying our first place soon, and I am currently searching for a new dinnerware set. I love both of your decor styles, and I was wondering if you have any suggestions for good dinnerware sets?
I just got this set and love them so much! Also love this set.
Meggan: I have the Aspen set from Crate & Barrel!

10. Do you all have dupes for these shorts? I want them so bad, but the sizing is AU and I never bought denim using that size metric and their return policy is risky for US customers. I’m hesitant to make the purchase. I would love to find a pair almost identical somewhere else that has a more generous return policy, if I need to exchange them.
These shorts look nearly identical and we love AGOLDE! This pair is a little darker but under $100

11. Meggan – can you link the black jean jacket you’ve been wearing lately? And what size did you get?
It’s this one and I got a size small!

12. Just bought my first home and wanted to ask where you find inspiration for decorative pillows and where you buy quality but inexpensive pillows? I don’t know where to start!
Congrats! My go-to’s are World Market and Etsy!

13. I’m in the process of building a house and we’re doing ceiling fans in the bedrooms. My style is transitional but cannot make a decision! Can you help me find some? Maximum $300.
Some cool options: here, here and here!

14. What were some of your favorite basic pieces you wore when you were pregnant? I am looking for some good leggings, tanks, tees and dresses to last me through my pregnancy (doesn’t necessarily need to be maternity). Thanks!
I lived in this dress (so soft and comfortable), the Lulu Align leggings, these maternity leggings, this brand of tanks, and the Spanx faux leather leggings (lots of leggings lol). I also got a bunch of cheaper tshirt and tank dresses from H&M and ASOS!
Brooke: Pretty much same as Meggan – I lived in those Lulu leggings (still do lol!) and just bought a bunch of oversized tees and sweaters to get me through. I didn’t want to spend a ton on maternity clothes.

15. I have professional work pictures coming up soon – headshots/full body shots. I would prefer to not wear a business suit as we are going for casual yet professional. I love cigarette pants with a fun top?! They are at an art gallery so the background could vary. I typically find myself shopping at J.Crew, Banana Republic or Loft for work clothes. What would you ladies wear!?
Love this puff sleeve blousethis one, or this blouse for a more classic look. Love any of these with the cigarette pants.

16. We just got this console for our front room, can you suggest some baskets to go under it?
Really love these baskets – and love how the black would tie in the console table as well! These are also gorgeous, love the braided handles!

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