1. Can you please share some suggestions for a basic blazer that can be worn to work primarily with body suits under it? Love your taste, appreciate your help!
Thank you! A few basic blazers we’re loving are here, here, here and here!

2. What designer sunglasses are you currently lusting over?
A few pairs we love: onetwo, and three!

3. Can you recommend some nice cocktail and wine glasses?
Our favorites are these wine glasses (Brooke has these), these spritz glasses, these coupe glasses, these stemless wine glasses, and these moscow mule mugs!

4. You might think I’m crazy talking about Christmas in September but I’m ready for this year to be over. I just bought a house and i’m excited to host Christmas this year. I remember last Christmas I loved both your decor and was wondering if you did a post about it? I checked the blog and the story highlights but didn’t see anything. If not, can you do one this year?
We didn’t really do a post, but we’ve already started a highlight for all things holiday decorating this year on IG. We will be sure to save everything there under “Holiday Decor.

5. Brooke – Can you link the boots you are wearing in this picture?
They are Sam Edelman from last year, and no longer available. Another similar option I love is this pair! I’m sure a lot of similar options will start to roll out as we get into September, I’ll keep my eye out!

6. Brooke – I think you were just in the Hamptons & I am planning a weekend trip. We’re most things opened back up?  Also can you list a few nice restaurants for dinner or brunch that you recommend?  This will be my first time in the Hamptons (staying in South Hampton).
We stayed (and ate) in Montauk, but if you’re planning to head there, we ate at: Crow’s Nest, Harvest on Fort Pond, Navy Beach, coffee at Hampton Coffee (I think there’s one in Southampton also!), The Surf Lodge, Duryea’s Lobster Deck, and Showfish.

7. My girl cousin is turning 30 in a few weeks. We live in different parts of the country, and had a great trip planned to get together and celebrate. Since that’s been Covid cancelled, any ideas for an awesome gift to make her day more special? budget: $200-300.
Some fun gift ideas: this Gucci card holder, these slippers, these champagne flutes (with a bottle of champagne of course), this pretty necklace, or this wine holder!

8. I’m heading to Glacier National Park this week for Labor Day Weekend so I was super excited to see that you took a recent trip there. Since our time will be spent mostly hiking, we won’t be able to visit Whitefish until late afternoon most days. I saw that Montana Shirt Co closes at 4-5pm most days. Would you say most shops you visited closed around this time? Do you have any other recommendations for cute shops/boutiques?
I’m not sure what time all the shops downtown close – they only time we went was in the AM. Montana Shirt Co isn’t right downtown so maybe that’s why it closes earlier? There’s a Farmers Market on Tuesday night (I believe it was 5:30-7:30) and I saw that shop there!

9. My 21st birthday is next weekend and I was wondering if you had any great gift ideas?
Happy Birthday! Not sure if you have anything in mind, but some ideas for you: this braceletthese loaferssneakers, or this card case!

10. I am attending a wedding in New England in October so it will be chilly. I’ll be 20 weeks pregnant. Any Non-maternity dress ideas?
I wore this dress to a wedding when I was super pregnant and loved it! This one and this one are pretty too!

11. Brooke – what size urchin light fixture do you have? I’d like to get one but my ceilings are (low 1960’s single story home) so was thinking of going with a small but I’d still like it to make an impact. I measured but still can’t estimate – assuming your ceilings are pretty tall? thanks so much in advance :)
I have the small in my girls’ room because their ceiling is lower, and I have the large in my bedroom since the ceilings in there are higher.

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