1. My husband and I just bought a new mattress but it’s hurting his back. I thought I remembered seeing a post about a good mattress topper that you found on Amazon before. Can you please share?!
Oh no! Yes, this mattress topper is amazing, hope it helps him! I have the thickest option, it turned our rock hard mattress into a tempurpedic in 2 minutes ;). Our guests always comment how comfortable the bed is!

2. I’m seeing plaid jackets EVERYWHERE right now. Was hoping you guys could link some of your favorites for the fall season/would also love to know if you’re into this trend for this year.
Love this one, this one, this one and this one!

3. I’m obsessed with the Baublebar bracelets in your story but can’t find the exact one on their website! Did you get it a while ago? I just can’t find those diamond letter beads.
I got them recently but they told me they took them down for the time being and will launch a similar style around the holidays! These are the exact same but the letters are different colors!

4. A couple options for great everyday designer bags? Other than Fendi please!
Goyard tote
, this one from Bottega, this Saint Laurent, or this one (love the suede!).

5. Please a few day and night outfit ideas for a couples trip to Napa. I want to minimize packing and try to take three pairs of shoes max. Thanks for always being stylish and helpful 🙂
For shoes – a pair of casual sneakers you can wear with outfits/dresses, a pair of tall boots, and a pair of shorter booties. Some pieces we love for your trip: this skirt, this dress, this blouse, this sweater, this jacket, and this oversized hoodie (have this and love it!).

6. Love seeing midwest girls with great style! I’m from Sioux City so I know it’s not easy with only Southern Hills Mall! What middle school & high school did you guys go to?
Lol! I went to Dakota Valley!
Brooke: I’m not from SC, I’m from further NW, I went to Spencer!

7. When did you both purchase your first home (whether it was a condo or house). I’m getting married this July and have been having the worst anxiety feeling like I have some timeline that I have to have everything checked off by in life and for some reason I feel this pressure to buy a house or condo right after we get married. I feel like our family puts pressure on us but we honestly just want to enjoy married life, get a puppy, try living in a few neighborhoods, etc before we settle and buy something. Did you ever feel pressured? Sorry for the long winded question. Love you girls!
You should 100% not feel pressured into a huge financial & life decision like buying a house! You have the rest of your life to settle down, become home owners, etc. Take this time to enjoy different areas before you decide where you want to buy. We purchased a townhome shortly after we were married in CA but only because we found a great deal/opportunity on a short-sale. A year later, we sold it and moved to NYC and became renters again. Take your time, and wait until you are ready would be my advice!
Meggan: I don’t think you should be pressured to any timeline and just enjoy your life!! I think it makes more sense to rent in different neighborhoods so you can find where you want to settle down the road!

8. Now that we are all working from home indefinitely, could you do a post or round up of some chic home office & desk accessories?
We can do a full post but here are some in the meantime: here, here, here and here!

9. I have a wedding the second weekend of October and am looking for a dress! It is at a really nice golf course, and the ceremony/cocktail hour will be outside with the reception inside. It’s in Pittsburgh PA, so I’m assuming it will be chilly! Any good finds? Max that I am willing to spend is $250.
So many pretty dress options are out right now! A few favorites are this one, this one (also comes in black), this one and this one!

10. What are some transitional fall pieces that you’d consider a must have?! I’m looking for versatile pieces I can wear now that it’s getting cooler out!
A moto jacket, a good sweater dress, an oversized denim jacket, and a blazer! Those would be our must-haves for transitional pieces you can easily take into fall.

11. I’m looking for some cute matching sets that can go casual for virtual school days but would also work for days when I get to go out.
We just did a whole post here!

12. I absolutely love your style and the mix of high/low plus classic/on-trend. I’m in the market for a designer bag (currently have an LV speedy that I never use because it’s a little big for day-to-day plus I prefer a shoulder strap!). I want to steer away from a basic crossbody or tote and trying to stay under $2500. I’m almost always in casual outfits lately plus I’m only 24 and look super young. Finding the right blend of fun/on-trend with classic that I can use day-to-day has been a major challenge! So far I’ve looked at Chloe bags, the YSL Lou Lou, plus many others but have gotten lost at this point- so open to any suggestions!
A few bags under $2500 we love for you: one, two (love! Meggan has this one), and three.

13. We just painted our home office a very light pink and I’m struggling with decor that will offer some contrast to a color that could come across super girly. Specifically, do you have any ideas of rugs that might look cool?!
A few rugs that would look great with light pink: this one, this one, or this one (great price)!

14. I have a question about the Beautybio R45, since the new kit is twice the size, do we use each phase until it’s empty, or just two weeks each like the smaller set?
The directions say to finish phase 1 before moving on to phase 2, so it might be longer than 2 weeks with the larger bottles!

15. You posted some halloween decorations in your story last year. Can you do the same this year? I’m looking for those bats you added to your wall!
Yes we will! We started a highlight on IG called holiday decor and these are the bats!

16. I loved the camel coat/cardigan you all wore so much last fall and winter! Do you know if the same one is in stock or have any similar options? I was obsessed last year and need it for this fall!
It isn’t available this year but they came out with a new version and it has a hood – love it!