1. I live in Iowa City and work from home for the foreseeable future and need “office” footwear for the colder months. Of all the slippers you own, which are your favorite? I don’t want anything that will make my feet too hot, but something I can wear in the coming days/months that is cozy and cute.
It’s honestly a tie between this pair of Ugg slippers and this pair of Koolaburra’s! If your feet get hot easily, I would go with the Uggs!
Brooke: I don’t have the Ugg pair, but I’m obsessed with the Koolaburra’s! I didn’t think I would like the platform, but now I don’t think I can go back to a flat slipper after having the support from the thicker sole – so comfy!

2. Do either of you use anything to whiten your teeth? Love all your recommendations and you both have very white teeth! Thank you!!
Thank you! I haven’t whitened my teeth in forever (feel like I need to though!) and just use this toothpaste!
Brooke: I use Crest White Strips! Not often though, and I’m definitely noticing it lately from all the coffee.

3. I saw your new bag from Julia Rose. Can you guys recommend your top sites and tips for purchasing used/new designer bags?
Our favorites to browse are Julia Rose, Fashionphile, and eBay (make sure it’s the verified section) for used. For new, we usually buy from the designer’s website or store, but IG sources we trust and have/would purchase from: Inna Your Shoes, Front Row Live, and Like A Bandit.

4. Brooke – do you like your Cartier Juste un Clou bracelet?
Yes! It’s the thin version, so it’s easy to take on and off which I really like. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel clunky.

5. Can you link a few pendant lights + chandeliers that you love that aren’t crazy expensive!
Yes! Love this one, this one (had these in my old house!), this one, this one and this one. So many pretty ones!

6. I’m looking for some good fall basic staples to start rebuilding my wardrobe. I just donated a bunch of clothing and I feel like I always purchase going out pieces and am stuck on more casual pieces.
We just did a fall finds under $100 post which has tons of good basics! A few other pieces: this bodysuit, these booties, this dress, these jeans, this denim jacket, and this thermal!

7. Could you please share some suggestions for Macbook Air 13 cases? Also, any suggestions for Stylish bags to carry laptops, cords and notebooks? I’m working from home right now, but i’m heading to coffee shops occasionally and need to spruce up my work related accessories.
Cases – love this one and this one! That green croc though…drool! For a bag, we would say a backpack (most comfy option and can hold everything easily) – we love this one!

8. I’m looking for a dupe for Brooke’s couch pillows! Doesn’t have to be as large. I thought you had linked an option in the past but I couldn’t find it!
I did at one point and now I can’t find those either haha! Some options that will give you a similar look: here, here (same brand, 70% off!), here, and here!

9. What belts do you like that are not the Gucci belt (feels so over done). Thanks!
Agreed. This one and this one!

10. We are taking family Photos for our Christmas card on Nov 8th and I’m looking for outfit ideas for myself and bonus if you have ideas for the whole fam (hubby and 2 yr old boy).
For you: a sweater dress with tall boots, or a statement cardigan (keep it simple under with all black), for hubby: a sweater (black) with nice pants and Chelsea boots, and for baby: this super cute set, or this sweater with a jacket jeans/pants.

11. I think I noticed Brooke got a new rug? Could you please share a link to it or share a round up of neutral rugs your loving?
I haven’t gotten any new rugs, but some neutral rugs I love that are similar to the ones I have: this one, this one, this one, and this one!

12. I have a wedding to attend in Montecito at the end of October. Black tie optional. The wedding will be very nice, so willing to spend some money on a fabulous dress. Any ideas?
A few fab dresses we love: one, two (so cool, it’s a jumpsuit and a dress in one!), three, and four.

13.  I just recently got engaged and am looking for outfit ideas for a fall engagement shoot! Thanks in advance!
Congratulations! We love the idea of a pretty sweater dress like this one or this one with tall boots, or a pretty sweater with jeans and tall suede boots!

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!