My Bedding Details

Earlier this week when I shared my bed, I had so many questions about the bedding. I totally get it, before I finally purchased my bedding, I spent so much time searching for ideas, I felt like my bed always looked sad and flat, not cozy or inviting. I shared that my friend Natalie was part of that inspo – her bed always looks so inviting and I love that she can make it perfectly, or more messy and undone, and it still looks great. I didn’t buy any of the exact pieces she has, and a lot of her pillows were custom, but I achieved a similar look with the items I got. This was the first time I’ve ever splurged for bedding, and I am really happy with everything/the quality, but I’m also going to share similar items at a lower price point!

Bed: I have wanted a canopy bed my whole life, but never had a room with high enough ceilings until now. We went with the stocked fabric, which is sand, it’s very neutral. The best dupe to this one is currently sold out from Overstock, but here is another beautiful option at a slightly lower price point I love.

King Lounger Pillows: These pillows are definitely the most asked about piece of bedding! They are called king lounger pillows and they’re huge! Instead of 3 Euros on a king bed, you only need two of these. Two might fit on a queen but I’m not positive. My exact color sold out the other day, but this option in gray looks pretty identical to me. I purchased the down insert for mine. These pillows from Target are the perfect option at a lower price point. Everyone told me they sell out very quickly, but they are nearly identical and they come with the insert.

Crinkled Linen Duvet: I love the messier look of crinkled linen, and mine is the natural color (not pure white). The white shams are from the same collection if you just scroll down the same page the duvet cover is on you will see the pillow options. Lower priced linen duvet covers that I love: here and here. These sets also have matching shams you can purchase.

Brown Lumbar Pillow: I had this pillow made from a leather hide I already owned. Etsy has tons of great options – I love this one!

Quilt: The quilt is below the duvet cover, and I love the pattern on this one. I used to make my bed with the quilt on top of the duvet cover (at the end of the bed), but then I realized after looking at so many photos of beds/bedding I loved that most of the stores/designers put the quilt down first, and the duvet on top/at the end of the bed. I also purchased this in natural. This quilt looks nearly identical to mine, and I also love this one!

Box Spring Cover: I had no idea these existed until you all told me about it! I was planning to just purchase another fitted sheet to put over my box spring, but this is much prettier! Here’s another option currently on sale.

Sheets: I didn’t splurge on my sheets because I love these from Target! Mine are the white/gray stripe color combo.

This isn’t part of my bedding, but I’m also linking my rug in this same post. I’m on the hunt for a good dupe for this, so if anyone has seen one, please let me know! This one is very similar.