My New Morning Routine

Now that my girls are finally back in school, we have some sort of schedule/daily routine and I’ve never been more thankful – crossing my fingers it lasts! I never realized how much I truly appreciate a schedule until we spent 6 months at home without one. I will say the girls adjusted so well to being home 24/7, but as we all know, our typical daily routines were thrown out the window and it felt (and still feels, because we aren’t “back to normal”) strange, and came with new challenges none of us really ever expected to face.

I know school looks different for everyone depending where you live – some are full-time virtual, some are back in person full-time, some are homeschooling, and the rest of us are on a hybrid model. Currently, we have virtual school in the morning, then the girls go to school in person for 2 hours in the afternoon. With our new schedule comes a new morning routine! I love reading other people’s morning or daily routines, so I wanted to share mine today!

6:30 – Wake up & drink a big glass of water. Before bed, I put a full glass of water on my nightstand so it’s easy & right there in the morning, I don’t have an excuse. My thyroid medication has to be taken on an empty stomach and an hour before I eat anything, so this is always the very first thing I do. Then I grab my phone and check emails/DMs (trying to break this habit), followed by a quick meditation w/Headspace or morning affirmations on YouTube. If you’ve never tried either, I highly recommend! It sets the tone for the day. I need to start waking up earlier because I want to get back into a workout routine, and if I don’t get it done first thing  in the morning, it’s not happening.

6:45 – Make bed. Until a few years ago, I never made my bed in the morning. I would either wait until the afternoon, or neglect it altogether. But it’s something that takes less than five minutes, and gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning which leads to a more productive day (for me). Plus, it’s just aesthetically pleasing. After I make the bed, I hop in the shower & follow with my morning skincare routine.

7:00 – Make coffee, check the morning school schedule, turn on music, and make a to-do list of all the things I need to accomplish that day. The girls usually wake up between 7-7:30, and once they’re up I will make breakfast. They’re easy with breakfast, & go-to’s are scrambled eggs, peanut butter toast, greek yogurt with berries, or cereal.

8:00 – Clean up breakfast (w/the girls help), then I sit down at my computer to get some work done while the girls play before school starts.

9:00 – Virtual learning starts. I get the girls set up on their virtual classes, help navigate their classes  & daily work. If you’re struggling with virtual, you’re not alone! We have so many different links, codes, and websites it’s a cluster, but I will say the teachers are doing an amazing job teaching virtually! Each day is a different schedule with different times/classes, but from 9-11:30 the girls have their virtual classes, and 30 minutes of independent reading and additional class work.

11:30 – Get the girls ready for school – shower, get dressed, hair, and round up everything they need to take to school. The girls eat lunch, then we head to the bus. They’re off to school and I’m back to work!