1. Brooke – could you tell me where you got your stair runner? I love! Or the brand?
Thank you! It’s by Stark – the antelope in color sand!

2. I ordered the hat you posted from Amazon and it’s amazing for such a great price. Any inexpensive dupes that are a little more floppy?
It’s so cute right?! A couple floppy ones: here, here and here!

3. I fell in love with the Pantene charcoal shampoo/conditioner after seeing you talk about it awhile back. Sadly I have not been able to find it anywhere lately, leading me to think it’s been discontinued. It worked so well for me for double washing my hair, and the price point was way better (for me) than some other brands with detox products like Living Proof. Was wondering what shampoos/conditioners you’re loving lately, and if you would recommend anything similar to the Pantene ones.
We have been using Prose lately and love it, but honestly we are always switching up our shampoo and hair products because we feel like our hair gets “used” to products easily! One detox-specific product we love is the dpHue apple cider vinegar!

4. What accent chairs would you both pick to go with a cream colored sofa?
A few accent chairs we love: one, two, and three (in the shade ‘coal’), depending on the style of your home!

5. My boyfriend and I just booked a last minute trip to Tulum, Mexico!  I am looking for a flattering swimsuit and a cute beach outfit to wear at night.
A couple suits we love here and here, love this coverup – it was sold out all summer, just restocked – can also be worn as a dress, and this coverup!

6. Since fall arrived overnight, I’m having a hard time with everyday, comfortable footwear – booties, sneakers, ballet flats, OH MY! What’s in this season? And what’s comfy to spend the day walking around in? My max. price is $150. Thanks!
Boots and sneakers are our go-to’s! A few options we love the look of: these sneakers, these boots (not sure how comfy as we don’t own them, though!), and these sneakers! We have the Reebok pair, and they are so comfortable!

7. I bought this awesome buffet from Anthro to add some dimension to my room.  I am not sure if it is the high ceilings or the color but I am struggling to decide what pieces to decorate it with and what to put on the wall behind it.  Any ideas?
That’s beautiful! You could add a large mirror (round or rectangle), or a large piece of art! A couple inspo images here (love adding a lamp to a buffet!) and here.

8. My husband and I are celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary this weekend and going on a sunset gondola ride on a lake in SoCal. Temps are still high, it will be about low 70s during early evening. Need some outfit inspiration for happy hour and boat ride!
Fun! A few dresses that would be great for a boat ride and happy hour: one, two, and three. These would be great in warm temps, and we would just grab a cardigan or moto jacket for evening.

9. Last year you shared a beautiful white Christmas tree that one of you had. Do you still have the link?
Yes, it’s this one!

10. I am having my first baby at the end of October.  I will be doing newborn photos with my husband and our son in November. We are in  Houston, Texas so it won’t be too cold, but I don’t want to dress summery.  Do you have any suggestions on what to wear for a new mom? I want to keep it to a neutral pallet.
We consider leopard a neutral and love this dress (could pair with tights and boots), but a few more true neutral options we love: this sweater dress, this cardigan (with jeans and a white or black top), or this dress (cold also throw a long cardigan over this!

11. Could you do a few picks for kitchen accessories?! I need a good silverware set, basic kitchen utensils & plates/glasses! Sorry if this is too much! Love you guys!! Thank you!
We did a post with a few of our kitchen must-haves here! Also love these utensils and these glasses!

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject or submit them here! xx