1. I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my second so already showing a bit and we have family photos next week. Can you share some outfits that I could wear that won’t give away pregnancy but also won’t make me look fat lol. We live in AZ so it’s still hot here, but could do a sweater dress/sleeves but no turtlenecks or anything super hot. I looked at a few places but couldn’t find anything that I loved.
Congratulations! You could do a pleated skirt (like this one or this one) paired with a loose sweater like this one or this one!

2. What’s your go-to fall coffee order?
Chai latte! I want to try the viral tiktok drink because everyone says it’s so good and not too sweet. Iced chai with pumpkin cold foam.
Meggan: I usually just get a nitro cold brew with sweet cream but recently tried the pumpkin cream cold brew and it was so good!

3. Please can you share this week’s daily deals? I love seeing those on instagram, but it would be awesome if you could round them up for every coffee talk so they are in one place & because instagram stories expire. 
Yes! Sometimes they’re only available for 24-hours, which is why we always post to stories, but here are the great deals that are available now: our Dyson vacuum, Traeger grill (amazing gift for anyone who loves to grill!), this knife set, Tan-Luxe face drops, Elemis duo, and the 2-for-1 Hangover lip balm!

4. What should I pair leather joggers with? Outfit ideas?
A fuzzy sweater and booties or heels or a band tee with a denim jacket and sneakers!

5. Any new favorites from Amazon? I’m loving all of the pieces you have been sharing lately. My teacher budget appreciates it! But I’m depending on you to find things because I search for hours and come up with nothing!
Happy to hear it! Love this sweater, the best no-show socks, this coat, and this teddy jacket!

6. Looking for an outfit to wear for my boyfriends birthday dinner in Atlanta! Nothing too fancy, but looks nice.
This dress
with tall boots, this sweater dress with heels or tights and booties, or this cutout top with jeans and heels!

7. I’m looking for a camel color set. Sweater or sweatshirt material – doesn’t matter. I’m having a hard time finding good quality and 2 pieces that are available! Thank you
A few we love: one, two, and three!

8. Any good first wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband?
Traditionally the first anniversary gift is ‘paper,’ you could make a photo album of either favorite photos from your wedding or from your first year married. Tickets – this might be more difficult now with Covid, but love the idea of airplane tickets or tickets to an event. A coupon book – full of ‘coupons’ he can cash in at any time ;).

9. Love your style! I am looking for a cropped black puffer jacket that I can style with workout gear and sneakers for running errands. Any suggestions?
Love this one (on sale!), this one (love the faux leather), or this one!

10. Meggan – I remember seeing that you were getting rid of your West Elm sectional. I’m considering getting it, so curious why you got rid of it? Was it comfortable/durable? Does it come apart easily when sitting?
We got rid of it because it was too small for our new living room! It’s durable but it piled easily which was kind of annoying (can easily be fixed with a fabric shaver though). And the pieces connect together so they don’t come apart!

11. Debating purchasing the Gucci Princeton fur loafers (in black). Do you feel like they are still “in style”? Also, could you link a couple of cute ways to wear them?!
Yes, we still love them! Some outfit ideas for you: here, here, here, and here! They honestly go with everything.

12. I’m looking at getting Golden Goose or P448 sneakers. Any thoughts? What would your picks be?
Both are super cute but we personally reach for our GG sneakers more often!

13. I am bringing my mom to Dallas for a weekend girl’s trip and would love some recommendations on cute brunch spots, nail salons, coffee shops, shopping, dinner restaurants, etc. Thank you!
Some of my favorite spots: Paradiso, Town and Hearth, Bird Bakery, The Henry, Katy Trail, Xoxo Dining Room (haven’t been there yet but on my list), Verbena Nail Salon (super cute & best place for nail art), Farmers Market, Magnolias HP Village, The Joule Hotel, Pecan Lodge or Terry Black’s for BBQ, Uchi, Emporium Pies, Sixty Vines and Vidorra.

14. I have family photos at the end of the month with my husband and daughter in Chicago. Wondering what type of shoes you suggest to go with this brown skirt and a cream bodysuit or sweater? Preferably under $100.
We would probably do tall boots or mid-calf booties. A few options: this pair, these, or these!

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