1. We are currently building a house and our lighting consultant is suggesting we do all LED lights. I’m concerned it may look too cold/stark, would love to hear both of your opinions and what you did in your homes. You both have the best style!
We did all LED lights in our last home and I was worried about the same thing, but it ended up being fine.
Meggan: We tried LED lights and ended up returning. They were to stark for me!

2. I have a NYE wedding this year. Do you have any dress suggestions? It will be cold here in PA, so I’d love something with a sleeve!
Love this one, this one, this one and this one (really expensive but had to share anyway because it’s so good!)!

3. Wondering what you guys think about the comments about blogging/influencer industry not being a “real job?” I saw a comment on someone else’s (not yours) Instagram saying this person should get a real job and stop spending her husband’s money. I laughed because I’m on the brand side so I get it, but wondering viewpoint from the influencer side?
If someone is just trolling with that comment, we would laugh it off. But we also understand it’s a new industry and some people are genuinely curious, which is totally fine! No, we may not be saving lives which we are well aware of lol, but it is a “real job.” There is so much more that goes into it than just posting photos, which you know from working on the brand side. Brands spent $8 billion on influencer marketing in 2019, and that number has only grown in 2020. It may not be this way forever, but this industry is here to stay for now. Also, it doesn’t happen overnight – we get a lot of questions and ‘how-to’ requests, but it has taken us nearly 8 years to get where we are now. We started from zero and with a minimal budget. This is how we support our families and pay our bills, and anyone who falls back on the “husband’s money” comment like you mentioned either just doesn’t realize or wants to be petty.

4. On the hunt for a flat/low heel ankle height black bootie for this fall/ winter. Preferably not too casual and can dress up for a night out. With quarantine, versatility is key these days! Would love as many recommendations as you can provide!
I have this pair and I’m obsessed! They’re easy to dress up or down and they’r comfortable (wore them all day walking around Paris). Also love this pair, this pair and this pair!

5. Love your acrylic vanity in one of your bathrooms. I’ve been searching the internet and can’t find something similar. Can you please share where you found yours?
It’s this one from RH, but I don’t see it in the lucite option anymore. This one is pretty much identical!

6. I’m trying to find a Christmas present for my boyfriend that isn’t just another nice sweater. In the $100-200 range.
This cologne
, a Yeti cooler, Lululemon joggers, a cool watch, or plan a little staycation!

7. Bought a new house and going through a whole house reno-which means new furniture! We are getting a 60” round dining table. I want a fun base so thinking clear/acrylic chairs to still be able to see the pop of the table. Any dining chair recommendations that would fit that description?
Congrats! Acrylic chair options: here, here and here!

8. My best friend is turning 30 next month. Any gift ideas?!
This necklace
, a Barefoot Dreams blanket, a spa day or mani/pedi for the two of you, cute slippers & a robe, or

9. I am recently engaged and having a small engagement celebration in November. Any ideas for “winter white” outfits? We may be outside a bit due to COVID, so I was thinking of a mid-length silk skirt and sweater, but haven’t had much luck or style inspiration! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Love sweaters with skirts! Some skirt options: here, here and here. And sweaters: here, here and here. Also love this sweater dress!

10. Can you please share the link for the Bottega cloud clutch dupe again?
This one
! Coming back in stock in November, but sold out so quickly the first time, would recommend ordering now!

11. I’m looking for a camel color long coat, like a long cardigan (not teddybear texture). Any suggestions on a few that I might look into?
Yes! This one, this one (a coatigan!), this one or this one!

12. How would you style the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots this season? Or are they just out?
Don’t think they’re “out.” Wear with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater, with a mini skirt and tights, or with a sweater dress.

13. I am looking for a cropped black puffer jacket that I can style with workout gear and sneakers for running errands. Any suggestions?
Answered that on this post (number 9)!

14. Could you do a roundup of your favorite fall/winter shackets?
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

15. Can you share roughly how much it costs to have your site rebuilt like you did? I’m looking to upgrade mine but haven’t looked into the cost yet.
There are different factors that go into pricing, but you can expect to be looking between $10,000 – $20,000. There are much less expensive options like purchasing a template (which is what we did until this year), but if you’re looking for a fully customized site it’s going to be more expensive.

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