Things I’m Loving On The Internet

I love the AD home tours on YouTube, and Hilary Duff’s home is so fun! I love her bathroom.

I’m making this chicken tortilla soup for dinner and can’t wait! I love chicken tortilla soup, and I’ve never actually made it at home.

You know we’re loving shirt jackets AKA shackets for fall, and I love the color of this one! It’s so good, just added to my cart!

Everyone is telling me I need to watch Emily In Paris. I’ve heard it’s a light-hearted & an easy to watch show with great fashion. I’m starting it tonight!

I saw this duvet cover on Natalie’s instagram and the color is sooo pretty for fall. I would love to get it for my guest room, so gorgeous! She always has the best bedding situations.

I ordered the new Colleen Hoover book & can’t wait to read it! I haven’t read a really good book in a while, and usually love hers.

The best deal on the best lip balm is back in stock! You’re basically getting 2 for the price of 1! Addicted to this stuff.

Thanks for sharing your favorite cabinet colors on stories yesterday! Quite a few of our kitchen cabinets need repairs and repainting, so we’re thinking of changing a few things and giving our kitchen a mini makeover. The previous owners of our home designed the kitchen, and it’s a lot more modern/geometric than the rest of our house/personal style. After living here for 3 years (+ deciding we won’t be moving any time soon!), we’d love to make it more cohesive with the rest of the house, and have it feel more like ‘us.’ A few kitchens inspiring me: here, here, and here.

Someone sent this edible cookie dough (I have chocolate chip) in a PR package and it’s insane. Like, so good. I can’t stop eating it! Would be a fun little treat to send someone – friend/family you don’t live close to.

Did you see Uggs came out with a waterproof style? Genius for kids because the traditional ones always get so trashed. I actually love the white and black pair, and the reviews are really good.