5 Things I Miss During Pregnancy

While I’m so grateful for being pregnant and growing my sweet baby, there are a few things I’m missing…

ONE: I’m really missing my Equilibria CBD! It helps me with my anxiety, sleep, patience, and just feeling more at ease/calm! There are a few new flavors and products (like these energizing and calming rollers) that I can’t wait to try!

TWO: This probably isn’t much of a surprise but definitely missing my wine! I love having a glass after the kids go to bed and it’s time to relax on the couch (especially during the holidays with our Christmas tree up!).

THREE: Drinking black coffee. I’ve had an aversion to coffee pretty my entire pregnancy (had this with Mila & Cam too!). My mornings don’t feel complete without it!

FOUR: Botox! Not only for my forehead but my TMJ! Wish I would’ve done it right before I got pregnant!

FIVE: Cooking/eating like a normal person. I haven’t cooked a meal since the first week of September and I’m starting to really miss it. My nausea gets really bad at night so I just eat whatever I can stomach. I was sick like this with Mila until 16 weeks so I’m hoping I start to turn the corner soon. I’m sure my husband misses this as well 😉