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Daily Dose

1. Would love to know what bed(s) you would get if your ceilings were not high enough for a canopy bed?
Love this one, this one, this one and this one!

2. I’m looking to buy some Golden Goose sneakers. Can you share some of your favorite low top looks and some stories/sites you tend to buy them from?
We buy ours from Mytheresa, SSENSE, Nordstrom, Farfetch, and Shopbop! Some favorite low top pairs are here, here, here and here!

3. Congratulations to you both on your pregnancies! My sister in law just announced she’s pregnant as well. Can you share some gift ideas for an expecting mom?
Thank you! Some gift ideas: this robe (we both have it and love!), this belly oil + bath soak, cozy slippers, this necklace, or this cute pregnancy journal.

4. Before I pull the plug on buying a flocked Christmas Tree – I wanted to see if you thought the King of Christmas tree version is worth the price? I am looking at the 7.5′ Flocked King Tree with warm lights and it is $499. I think it is the same one Brooke bought last year. Worth it or nah?
I love it! When it comes to fake trees, I feel like you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones can end up looking super cheap (I’ve had a few), and there are some that are over $1,000 that look incredible. I think this is a great middle of the road one and if you plan to keep it for a long time I would say it’s worth the price. If you’re looking for something a bit less, the unlit option is $299 currently! You could easily add your own lights! It’s very easy to put together/take down, and it comes with a storage bag that was actually really nice to have. I’d highly recommend – the reviews are what sold me!

5. I’m trying to upgrade my winter coat game this year and looking for everyday practical pieces that could be worn for work and everyday errands. What are some warm, practical everyday jackets you guys recommend?
Just got this long puffer jacket and love it (comes in 6 colors!). A few others: here, here and here!

6. Brooke – I remember you posting a picture of your backyard and a wall of trees or hedges. What is the name of them? Looking to create a privacy wall in my yard!
They are called Thuja green giant trees, they grow quickly and are great for privacy walls!

7. Do you girls have any recommendations for Christmas ornaments/bulbs?! I want to update my bulbs this year!
We get ours from Anthro, Target, Hobby Lobby, World Market and HomeGoods!

8. I am looking for a flush or semi flush mount light fixture for my master bedroom. You guys have the best home style and I value your ideas! I feel like light fixtures make such a big difference and I want to choose the right one. My ceilings are 8 feet high but still want something that dresses up the room.
Some options we love: here, here, here, and here! All of these will still work with lower ceilings.

9. Could you guys do a round up of some bath mats?! It’s so hard to find something chic and not cheesy!
I need to update mine too! A few I’m loving are this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one!

10. Brooke – Do you have a link to your kitchen table & chairs or something similar? Just moved and looking for a round table.
Not sure if you mean the small kitchen nook or dining table, but here are a few similar options for both (neither are available online). This one is similar to the bistro table we have and I have this bench with it. I also love the look of this bench! Our dining table is black wood with some brass, and here are a few options I love that are similar – one (most similar and comes in different sizes), two, and three. These chairs are very similar to mine! My personal favorite dining chairs are these (price is for a set of two) and you could easily use these with any of the tables!

11. Please help! I’m on the hunt for a timeless designer bag! Thanks!!
Our favorite timeless designer bags are: this Saint Laurent, a Goyard tote, Chanel quilted medium, and the Chanel boy bag.

12. We had to postpone wedding our destination wedding due to COVID so doing the courthouse thing this December in New York to make it official. I do still want to get pictures, etc so would appreciate any recommendations for long sleeve white dresses!
Love this one, this one (more casual), this one and this one!

13. Any hooded trench recs? It rains here often & a good one that is office or weekend appropriate is much easier managing little ones than an umbrella. Prefer $100-$200 range.
Love the style of this one (also love the olive green!), this one is so cute and has great reviews, and here’s a classic trench style with a hood we love!

14. Loving the Lunya Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set but I’m having a hard time coughing up over $250 for pajamas. Are there any similar alternatives you recommend at a lower price point?
Those are so so cute! We aren’t finding anything exactly the same style, but a few options we also love: one, two, and three!

15. Hi! I love your blog! My dream is to start a blog and I’m seriously thinking about it. The only thing I’m nervous about is people that I know making fun of me. And I know I shouldn’t care what people think, but sometimes it doesn’t feel great to get some hate. Do you have any advice?
You have to realize there will be people who hate for no reason, unfortunately it’s just part of it. The sooner you can get over it, the better. Of course it never feels good, but you can’t let it get to you – just ignore them and keep doing your thing ;). It happens to everyone – especially in this industry, ask any blogger. Here’s a great article that can hopefully help boost your confidence! Also, most of the time it’s about them not you. Good luck, we say go for it! Don’t let anyone stand in the way of a dream.

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx