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1. Brooke – Can you PLEASE share your dining room table and chairs you shared on stories for Thanksgiving? I’ve been looking for too long and these are the perfect style!
The table isn’t available to purchase online, but it’s by Century Furniture – this is a similar tableThese are my chairs in a different fabric, but this is the retail price – if you can order through a designer, they are much less! RH has similar too, but here is a better priced option!

2. Any recommendations on Golden Goose dupes for little girls? She’s 9 and loves mine but I’m not spending $$ on a shoe she will grow out of so quickly!
Yes, so many cute pairs! Love these, these, these and these!

3. We have two gas fireplaces with glass covering the face of it. I purchased the screen Meggan has for our pool table room and love it. I would also like to purchase the glass screen Brooke has for our family room but just wondering if your fireplace already has glass covering it? Or is your fireplace open?
Both of our fireplaces are open!

4. Meggan – you posted a picture of the table settings for the backyard wedding, where did you get the green glasses and black vases that were on the table?
They were rentals but found some similar glasses here, here and here!

5. I just got this bed and I’m looking for nightstands and a dresser that would work well together. Do you have any suggestions?
Love that bed! These nightstands are so cool and would look great with the bed. Also love this option and this chest!

6. Hottest designer timeless bag right now? Wanting to gift myself for Xmas!
Depends on the price point you’re thinking! If it’s within the budget, we would say Chanel – classic flap, boy bag, or trendy are our favorites. Also loving Fendi right now – this bag and this bag! Both classic, but so cool.

7. Any must have items to add to a wedding registry; favorite plates. silverware, etc.? I don’t even know where to start!
We have a post with some of our kitchen must-haves here! We got some of these items as wedding gifts and still love them/would register for them. This checklist from Crate & Barrel is super helpful too!

8. I’m looking for Barefoot Dreams pajamas for my momma for Christmas – have you come across any deals?
We haven’t seen any sets on sale but some individual pieces are on sale here and here!

9. I recently gave birth to my first child. I am looking for a piece of jewelry that either has his birthstone, initials or something along those lines. Any ideas?
Congratulations! Love all of these necklaces, sooo many beautiful options depending on the style you like! Also love these initial studs which would be so cute!

10. We’re baptizing our baby over Christmas at my parents’ church in Iowa. I’m assuming it will be freezing and dressing up in midwest winters is so hard!  Any dress suggestions for me? I’m hoping to stay under $150 and am hoping to avoid sweater dresses (not ready for clingy materials!). Thanks so much!
A few warmer dress ideas: this one (love it belted), this one, this one and this one!

12. I’m thinking about getting my boyfriend Gucci loafers for Christmas – which do you guys like? I want something classic but also modern. I’m unsure about the folded heel or not!
I got my husband this pair a couple years ago for Christmas and love them. Classic, and they look good with so many different outfits. Just one thing to be aware of – they offer two styles of this same name, one has a shorter/more rounded toe and this pair has the longer, more modern toe. I only realized it because I ordered from two different stores (for sizing), and they looked totally different! The pair I linked is the more modern/younger looking pair.

13. Meggan – Where did you get the “Mila” neon light up sign above Mila’s bed? Thinking about getting one for our playroom! What would be a fun saying?
I got hers from Howdy Dudey Neon! I honestly have the worst pregnancy brain and can’t think of a cute saying lol! I would check their insta and Pinterest for ideas!

14. What prenatal vitamin are you both taking?
We are both taking Ritual Prenatals!

15. I am looking for white leather sneakers for my boyfriend that can be worn with jeans for a casual look. Any suggestions that you or your husbands love?
My husband is getting this pair for Christmas, also love thesethese and these!

16. I need a new denim jacket. Do you have any recommendations for a staple jean jacket that is medium wash?
Love this one, this one and this one!

Meggan – will you link the Pac-Man machine again please?

Please email your questions for next week to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx