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1. I need new microfiber makeup cloths and was wondering what brand you recommended. The ones I currently have only come in a 4 pack and are quite expensive. Also, do you still have an Artis makeup brush code?
I have these from Amazon and I love them! They wash so well and are super affordable. Our Artis code is: SOMEWHERE30.

2. I’m looking for a nice wool coat for my brother for Christmas, do either of you have any suggestions that your husbands love?
Love this one (on big sale), this one (50% off!), and this one! All great, classic options & husband approved ;).

3. Brooke – Where is your glass fireplace screen from? 
It’s this one from William’s Sonoma!

4. What are your top 5 holy grail skincare products?
Cleansing balm (can’t decided between the Elemis one or the Colleen Rothschild one – both are great!), SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, Colleen Rothschild Sheer Renewal Cream (I use it in the AM and love it because it’s so lightweight, soaks into my skin, and doesn’t feel oily), SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier, and this CR oil. That was hard to only pick 5!
Brooke: Cleansing balm (also can’t choose one because I love both the Elemis & CR), cleanser (I love this one and this one – just depends how my skin is at the moment for which one I’m using), CE Ferulic, H.A. Intensifier, and a moisturizer…so hard to only pick one but if I’m forced it would be the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream – use our code LATELY20 for 20% off this month!

5. Are Gucci loafers worth it? They’re so expensive now! 
“Worth it” is hard because it means something different to everyone! What is worth it for one person, won’t be for the next. That being said, we personally love them and wear them a lot! They can be worn year-round, are comfy, will last a long time, and go with everything. There are also lots of look for less options out there like this pair and this pair!

6. Fu*k, Marry, Kill: Fendi, YSL, Chanel. 
Brooke: Fu*ck Fendi, Marry Chanel, Kill YSL.
Meggan: Mine are the same lol!

7. Congratulations on baby # 3! How did you each tell your husband and family about the latest pregnancy?!
Kyle was with me when I took the test and we just told our families lol (Kyle’s in-person and mine over the phone). We are boring 😉 Actually telling my mom was kind of funny. She knew Brooke was pregnant and she text me “when is Brooke going to announce” and I responded “she’s going to wait until I do!” and I hadn’t told her yet. I called her right away and she was so excited!
Brooke: Chad was with me when I took the test also. We told the girls on Sophia’s birthday because she has been begging for another baby for a long time and she actually put a ‘real live baby’ on her wishlist lol! We wrapped up an ultrasound photo and she opened it and kept asking, “Is this me or Avery?!” and when we said neither she screamed and was so excited, Avery was confused lol. We took a video of the whole thing and sent it to our families to announce to them.

8. For those of us in colder climates, can you share some warm outfits for working from home? I normally wear Lululemon align leggings but it’s just been too cold and want something warmer.
That’s pretty much what I wear daily also, lol. These fleece-lined leggings have great reviews, and so does this set. You could easily layer a nice cardigan over the top of this set. Another thing I’ve been grabbing to really warm me up when I’m cold (but don’t want a robe or hoodie) is this cardigan – buttery soft and so warm! It’s like wearing the blanket, but it looks nice too.

9. Brooke – how did you like the lumi spa you posted about a couple weeks ago? I have heard it has completely changed peoples skin and I am considering getting one. Do you know if you have to use the cleanser it comes with or can you use your own cleanser? Do you have a link or code?!
I love it! I needed a new cleansing brush because mine finally died on me, and this is the one my esthetician recommended. When I asked her why this brush vs others I was considering, she said: “It has medical grade silicone so it won’t harbor bacteria. What I love about this device compared to others is the fact that you don’t have the ability to use your own strength to take it deeper, the oscillating motion is very controlled so it allows for a deeper cleanse without causing micro tears or damage to the skin.” It comes with a cleanser, but I’ve never used that to be honest. I use it with my own cleanser.

10. Long time listener first time caller! I just got engaged a few weeks ago (yay!). Now that we’ve set a date, we’ll be doing engagement photos in January. What would you recommend for semi-dressy and casual options for Save the Date photos in Southern California winter? I’m definitely in favor of something white!
Congratulations! Love this sweater dress (and this one), could do a bodysuit (this one or this one) or a sweater (this one or this one) with a pair of flattering jeans!

11. Do you have a recommendation for a full length, large mirror for a bedroom? Looking for something modern, clean, timeless.
Not sure what price-point you’re looking to stay around, but here are several we love: one, two, three, and four.

12. I am doing a maternity shoot with my husband on January 2nd. I’m needing a good long dress/gown for the shoot. I don’t have a location picked yet, but I just know I want something not cheesy, classic and elegant. Basically, what you two would pick out for a shoot! Any help would be SO appreciated. Open to any suggestions!
Something that will show the bump like this dress, this one (in black), or this one! Congratulations!

13. Do you guys have baby names picked out?
We both have a list of names for each gender but nothing finalized!

14. I’m getting married on NYE (we are moving forward with a smaller reception after lots of thought!) and having a small rehearsal dinner for family and out of towners the night before and casual get together at a local place day after. Do you have suggestions for either? Thinking a dress or jumpsuit for rehearsal and sweater with leather leggings for day after?  (P.S. For dress or jumpsuit- need to be able to wear a bra- my girls can’t go without lol!).
For rehearsal: this jumpsuit (simple and chic – love the cowlneck), this dress or this dress! For the day after: this sweater dress, this sweater, or this set!

15. Meggan – can you link your bedroom dresser?
This one

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