Current Amazon Home Favorites

It’s no secret that we love our SodaStream, it’s an essential in our home! We love sparkling water (our kids do too), but when we were introduced to the SodaStream we realized how much $ we could be saving & never looked back. It’s also a super easy and convenient way to be less wasteful. Not to say we will never buy pre-packaged sparkling water again, but for everyday use, we now use our SodaStream machines. It’s so easy to use, and takes 15 seconds to turn regular tap water into sparkling water! You can purchase so many different flavors to add to the water, but we typically just muddle fresh fruit at the bottom of the glass, add ice, then top with the sparkling water! It’s 41% off today on Amazon! This would make an amazing gift for the holidays for anyone who loves sparkling water. I’m purchasing several for neighbors, and also for teachers – perfect gift for their classroom! Grab it now during this crazy good deal, it normally retails for $85, but is on sale for $49 today. Includes: sparkling water maker, 60L Co2 cylinder, and 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle. 

This is the best lint roller ever! Our dogs don’t shed, but we have white furniture, so picking up dust & lint that naturally falls (gross, but it’s true) needs to be picked up before it embeds itself into the fabric. This thing has over 39,000 reviews for a reason! It’s the BEST!

I ordered these drinking glasses after seeing a friend post about them. The quality is amazing, they’re made in France, and you would never guess they are from Amazon! They are on the smaller side, but they’re perfect for my current orange juice obsession, or for an afternoon iced latte. Would be super chic on a bar or bar cart! They also come in a tumbler size.

This isn’t necessarily a ‘home’ item, but I am loving these black disposable masks. They’re similar to the typical blue surgical style masks, but in black. I bought two packs and keep one in my car so nobody ever has to worry about forgetting their mask at home.

This mattress topper takes your uncomfortable mattress & turns it into a tempurpedic in 2 minutes. I love this thing! We have it in our guest room and everyone (you know, pre-Covid) comments on how comfortable the bed is – it was rock hard before we added this topper! I have the 3-inch option.

This heated faux fur blanket is so cozy, perfect now that it’s getting so cold outside! I don’t use it overnight, but I love it when we are watching a movie or a show. Highly recommend!