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1. Brooke – where did you find your silk horse scarves in your upstairs hallway? Or where can I find something similar?
They are from Hermès & are a smaller size. My exact scarves are not available anymore, but any silk scarf you love would give you the same look! I had them framed by Framebridge, but had a few people tell me they don’t do the full-size scarves anymore, only smaller options so be sure to check out the specifics before buying the scarf if you’re planning to use them!

2. What product do you use to clean your couches and chairs?
We use Folex

3. I had a baby in August and I’m looking for a belated sentimental jewelry push present (“from” my husband haha). I was originally thinking something with her birthstone but I typically wear super simple/delicate gold pieces, i.e. a gold band with her birthdate in roman numerals. Would love suggestions under $800 and also curious if you have any push presents on your list!
We don’t have our eye on anything at the moment, but here are some options we are loving: this necklace, this necklace, this ring, or this ring.

4. What books and shows are you each currently reading/watching?
I just finished reading The Last Flight (loved it!) and I’m going to start The Wife Upstairs this weekend. And I’m currently watching Your Honor, Lupin and Bridgerton (actually finished). And a lot of reality tv obviously ;) Real Housewives, The Bachelor & Below Deck to name a few.
Brooke: Watching Your Honor & I’m going to start Grey’s Anatomy this weekend – I’ve never seen it! I just bought The Last Flight to read also.

5. Already thinking of spring and wondering what shoes are on your wishlists (any price point, any style)?
Same!! Eyeing this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair!

6. Any suggestions on cute Mommy and Me pajamas? My toddler daughter wants to match and I’m sick of Christmas PJs.
Little Sleepies has cute Mommy and Me jammies! They’re great quality and super soft too! Also love Hanna Anderson!

7. I am considering purchasing my first Chanel bag! I have my eye on both the large Chanel 19 or the large Boy bag. Brooke, I have noticed you carrying both bags in recent pictures. Which one would you recommend?
I love both! I do feel like the 19 is a bit trendier, and personally only love the tweed options in this style vs leather. I prefer the old medium size in the boy bag, which is actually smaller and doesn’t fit quite as much, so that’s the downside there. I always think you should go for whichever one is your real favorite, and you really can’t go wrong with either one!

8. Can you recommend a less expensive option for the Restoration Hardware olive tree?
A few other faux olive trees: here, here (I have this one, it’s great!) and here!

9. Meggan – can you link the chairs and table by your fireplace?
Yes! Here are the chairs & the table!

10. I’m in the market for my first Goyard tote and am considering both the St. Louis GM and Artois MM. Is there one you’d recommend over the other?
We vote the St. Louis GM unless you really want a zipper on top!

11. My friend had to postpone her wedding reception until next year, but is still getting married on her original date in a few weeks. I’d like to get her something/do something special for that day. Any ideas?
What about a cozy, personalized wedding robe she can get ready in + a polaroid camera! Would be so fun to take polaroids throughout the day and frame them together (like this) for her!

12. Would love your recommendations on a long bath rug/runner that will go under a double vanity in our son’s shared bathroom. Can be simple and classic or a more fun style for kids. Colors in the bathroom currently are grays and navy blues. Thanks!
Love this one (had it as an area rug in my sons room and was so good!), this one, this one and this one!

13. Any ideas for pretty/elegant wedding jewelry? Specifically necklace and earring ideas? I want something timeless but having a hard time figuring out the perfect jewelry for my upcoming wedding!
We would probably do a necklace or earrings, but not both (unless they were super simple). A few pieces we love: these earrings, these earrings, this necklace, and this necklace (this would be pretty paired with diamond studs or simple diamond earrings).

14. I want to redo spruce up my office since I am working from home now. Any fun wallpaper suggestions? I’m open to anything!
Yess so many amazing options. Really loving this (in all colors!), this, this, and this!!

15. Meggan – can you link the sneakers you’ve been wearing lately? They look like they’re snakeskin maybe?
They’re these camo GG sneakers!

16. I am looking to buy a new designer bag that is on the smallerish side. I like the size of the LV pochette metis but wanted something a bit more unique (my personal opinion). I don’t think I’m ready to spend the $$ for Chanel. Do you have any picks?!
We do love that bag, but a few other good ones are this one, this one, this one, and this one (same shape as Pochette but more chic IMO)!

Please email your questions to brookandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!