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Daily Dose

1. I’m looking for a pair of golden goose sneakers that can be worn with skirts/dresses. What styles would you recommend?
Love this pairthis pair, this pair, and this pair! All neutral & go with everything from skirts and dresses to sweatpants!

2. Meggan – who do you see at house of preservation for your botox! My friends are telling me to go there but wanted your suggestion of who to see as well.
I went to Courtney but she moved and I haven’t been back since! She recommended Rachel or Kayln!

3. What face shaver do you use?
I use these, they are much sharper than the Tinkle brand I used to use so be careful and use featherlike strokes. But these work SO well.
Meggan: I got this dermaplaning device for Christmas and love it!

4. Can you guys link those towel/spa headbands you use while doing skincare routines and getting ready?
A couple we have are old, but also have this one and this one! If you don’t have one, you need one!

5. Did anything help with nausea during your first trimester?
Probably not what you want to hear but nothing helped except time! And I tried everything – ginger, Zofran, B6 + unisom, peppermint tea, etc. Hang in there!
Brooke: Same, a few things that do help me a little – ice cold water, ice, and lemon heads. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

6. I love the look of the Gucci Pursuit Logo Pool Slides, but not the $$$ for a slide. Any recommendations for a good dupe or alternative?
Lots of cool slides right now! Love this pair, this pair and this pair!

7. I was so excited when you two announced your pregnancies — my husband and I have been struggling through IVF and recently found out our second round worked. This is our first baby and I’m 100% looking to you for all the mama and fashion inspo. Okay question is … after going through all of this I want to splurge on something fun for myself! I need a new bag buuuut am debating even doing that when #1 we don’t leave the house and #2 I’ll be transitioning to a diaper bag. Any ideas?!
Wow, congratulations! You could get a tote and use it as a diaper bag (get this insert!) – that’s what we do! A few totes we love are this one (woweee the colors in this Goyard!), this one and this one!

8. Looking for nightstands that are no more than $500 each and between a width of 28 and 30 inches. Any suggestions?
Love these, these, these, and these!

9. Brooke – what pebble ice maker did you get?
I got this one and love it. It is def a splurge, but I stand by what I said in this post…I think this will be one of my favorite purchases of 2021. It works so well, and the ice is incredible.

10. My best friend is turning 30 in March. She lives in NYC and is the girl who has everything! I want to get her something special ($400 or less) but I’m struggling to find things that seem special. Anything fun you’ve seen lately?
We love anything personalized. It feels like such a special gift compared to something you can just pick out at any store. Love this braceletthis necklace, or another idea is this ear suspender we love – makes a great gift!

11. Any ideas for a bridal gift from a group of girlfriends? Aiming to spend around $500 – $600 total. We would like to get our girl something timeless and classic, something she will love for a long time.
Not sure if you have a category in mind, but some timeless ideas in your price range are: these Baccarat wine glasses (so stunning in real life), this Waterford ring holder, this gold love ring, this tray for her jewelry, or a necklace like this with her wedding date.

12. What do you both do with all the books you read?
I give some to family/friends and if not they just pile up on my book shelf lol.
Brooke: Same, I pass the good ones on to friends to read.

13. I’m getting married and looking for perfect diamond hoops. Any suggestions?
Not sure what size or exact style you’re looking for, but some diamond hoops we are obsessing over are thesethese, and these! Congratulations!

14. I LOVE reading Coffee Talk and have a question. I am searching for a new handbag that can be worn cross-body. I like something a little bigger (can still hold my wallet, car key, and cosmetic pouch) and that can be used regularly but is still beautiful. I ordered this but sent it back because it was much smaller than I had thought it would be.
Love this one, this one, this one, and this one!

15. Meggan – where is your wooden rectangle coffee table from?!
It’s this one from RH!

16. I would love some outfit suggestions for my bridal shower & rehearsal dinner in March.
A few options: this blush dress, this jumpsuit (so chic!!), this maxi dress, or this midi dress!