My Bathroom Storage & Organization

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Lipstick Holder: No more lipstick floating around my drawers. These trays make it easy to find what shade you’re looking for!

Laundry Basket: I upgraded to this laundry hamper when we moved and love it! It’s very roomy and holds a lot.

Bath Cabinet: We have limited cabinet space in our master bath so I got this to store my makeup and clean towels on.

Marble Hook Rack: Love how chic these hooks are!

Makeup Brush Holder: This is great for makeup brushes, lipliners, toothbrushes, etc!

White Bins: I have these in a few of my drawers and they divide my hair tools – brushes, AirWrap parts, clips/headbands, etc.

Acrylic Storage: I have two sets of 3 large drawers stacked and they hold my makeup and skincare products. There’s different sized drawers so you can build your own configuration that works for you!

Acrylic Tray: This sits on my vanity and has my perfumes displayed.

Lazy Susans: I have 3 of these under my sink and its a game changer! I store most of my hair products and other miscellaneous items like razor heads!

2 -Tier Acrylic Tower: I keep this on my counter and it holds all my skincare I use daily.

Expandable Drawer Organizer: I love these drawer organizers because the expand and fit perfectly into your space!

I had Grace organize my bathroom and I highly recommend her! My bathroom was a disaster zone before she came to the rescue! I sent her pictures and measurements of the space and she went to the Container Store and bought most of this stuff beforehand.