Your Favorite Purchases From Our Recommendations in 2020

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Daily Dose

When we asked you to share your favorite purchases from our recommendations on IG stories, the response was overwhelming & we loved reading all of your responses! Rounding up all of the products that were mentioned time and time again for you below. The top picks were: Barefoot Dreams blankets, Elemis products, Miranda Frye, SkinCeuticals CE & H.A., and the Hangover lip balm! Almost every other answer included one of these products!

+ Aerie sweatshirt and joggers set
+ no show socks
+ Chanel dupe combat boots
+ Golden Goose sneakers
+ Amazon sunglasses: this pair and this pair were both mentioned so many times
+ this $35 sweater
+ Lululemon dupe leggings
+ beige puff coat

Barefoot Dreams blanket

Barefoot Dreams dupe blanket
Ember mug
Bedding/king lounger pillows
Fabric shaver
Lint roller
Matches cloche
Santal diffuser oil
Dyson vacuum
Oversized sofa pillows

$14 hoop earrings

Miranda Frye jewelry (discount code: SOMEWHERELATELY)
Faux diamond eternity bands

Elemis cleansing balm
& marine cream (discount code: LATELY20)
Artis makeup brushes
SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic & H.A. Intensifier
Lumi cleanser brush
Facial steamer
Ritual vitamins (discount code: LATELY)
Liquid collagen
Hangover lip balm
Billie razor
Tan Luxe Butter
Equilibria CBD (discount code: SOMEWHERELATELY)