5 Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozier

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This was a recent question on a Q&A we did, and we loved it! It’s not hard to cozy up a space, but it can be easily overlooked when you’re decorating. Here’s how we do it:

Adding different layers of textures always makes a home feel more ‘lived-in.’ Pillows (linked so many good ones here!), blankets, baskets, and rugs are all great ways to add texture and a cozy vibe to your space.

Plants (faux or real)
Plants always bring life to a space & make it feel more lived-in. While real is amazing, we both have faux trees because the spaces in our homes aren’t conducive to keeping a tree alive. Meggan’s is the faux olive tree from RH but some other great and less expensive options are here, here (this is the one Brooke has) and here!

 We love real candles, but these are a really great flameless option! They look so real it’s crazy! My hurricanes are here (I have short & tall size). Other favorite candles: this one & this one! Here is the cloche with matches we have and love.
Wood Tones
Adding wood elements will make your home instantly feel cozier, especially if you have a lot of non-natural or hard surfaces. So many options here – from accent chairs, vintage bread boards, bowls, to bath trays and soap pedestals.

Window Treatments & Rugs
This kind of goes along with layering textures, but as soon as you add window treatments or a rug (here’s the dupe), your space will feel warmer.