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1. We are in the process of decorating our new house and I’m really struggling with rugs. Do you have any tips on how you decide which rugs to choose? I’ve made Pinterest boards and mood boards, but I get completely overwhelmed when looking online. Return shipping costs are killing me! Any advice?
Rugs can be difficult, but the tips we have are: make sure your rugs flow from room to room (especially if you can see two rugs from one viewpoint) – you don’t want one super modern one next to a vintage rug. The colors don’t have to match perfectly, but they should flow nicely. We like to keep most of our rugs fairly neutral because you don’t get sick of them as easily. Before you decide, you should put all of the rugs you’re considering for your home in a collage (Canva.com is free to use) to make sure you like the way they all look together. Also – be sure to order the correct size, a lot of people tend to buy rugs that are too small for their space, this guide is a good start. Hope this helps!

2. Where are your fireplace inserts and screens from?
Brooke: We converted our wood-burning fireplaces to gas, so there is no insert. We found the stone spheres locally, but these are similar and our screen is WS Home.
Meggan: We also got our stone spheres locally (Jackson’s if you’re in Dallas!) and this is my screen!

3. Meggan – can you please link your powder room (dark green bathroom) vanity? And any other metal vanities you’d recommend?!
It’s this one from Pottery Barn (comes in a smaller size too). A few other cool ones: here, here and here!

4. Can you share some Gen Z approved jeans? 😉
Some jeans we actually like and would wear are: this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair!

5. I am 31 weeks pregnant and thinking about diaper bags. Last time around I used my Goyard St Louis tote but its looking a bit tired. What are your thoughts on something in a similar price range? I was thinking of the Dior book tote but not sure that would go comfortably/easily over the shoulder. thank you!
The Book Tote is what I’m planning to use but it doesn’t fit super comfortably over the shoulder and it is pretty heavy just FYI. Other totes we love: this one, this one, and this one (similar look to Goyard).

6. Any cute gender reveal dresses for chicago weather?
This tied up knit dress
, this midi sweater dress, this olive green dress, or this pleated dress!

7. I am going to Palm Springs for the first time ever at the end of April with some friends. I’m so excited because I live in Chicago and need the warmer weather! We are going to be at the house most of the time – so I need some cute loungewear, swimsuit cover ups, and simple cute/comfy outfits. I want to also use this as an excuse to revamp my closet with new spring/summer items.
So fun! A few things we would pack: this suit (top + bottoms), this mini dress, this coverup, these sandals, this gauz top + matching bottoms, this jumpsuit, this tank + matching shorts, and this coverup dress.

8. Brooke – do you know of a dupe to your bedroom rug?
Yes, this one and this one (so good!) are the best dupes I’ve seen.

9. Can you share your fav nursing bras and post baby loungewear thanks!
I liked these bras from Target and a friend that recently had a baby recommended these! Some comfy loungewear: this henley + matching pants, this Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and this lounge set.

10. I’m moving into my very first house! Yay!! What piece for my home do I have to have? Also, I’m single – what decor would you get for your house if it were a girl only zone?!
Congratulations! Some fun decor: this rug (looks so good in person), this console, this mirror, this faux olive tree, this accent chair, this lamp, and this vase. And we have lots of home decor finds on this post & this post!

11. Looking to purchase a celebratory ring and my price point is $1000ish. Any suggestions?
Cartier Love ring
, this emerald cut one from Ring Concierge, this Bony Levy ring, or this Tiffany’s ring!

12. My friend’s 21st birthday is coming up and I wanted to buy her something special since covid 21st birthdays are kind of a bummer! My budget is $150 and I am up for any suggestions!
A nice perfume makes a great gift (currently obsessed w/this one), these slippers are so cute and perfect for Covid times, and love this personalized necklace! All great gifts we would love!

13. I’m planning a trip to AZ next month, we will be mostly hiking/pool during the day and dinners at night. The temps should be in the 60s-70s. Any suggestions on cute outfits to pack?!
Cute things to pack: this midi dress, this tank, this denim jacket, this suit, this coverup, these sandals, and this jumpsuit.

14. Is the Peloton worth the $$?
If you use it, yes! We love ours and would recommend it if you’re considering it. I wrote a blog post answer this question & more here and still feel the same way 3 years later.

15. If you could only chose ONE SkinCeuticals product, which one would it be and why? What’s the discount code?
Still on sale here  (ends tomorrow!) and the code is SKINC15
Meggan: The C E Ferulic
! I’ve tried so many other vitamin C serums and this is the only one that has actually makes a difference!
Brooke: I agree – the CE or HA Intensifier aka filler in a bottle! Hard for me to choose between the two, but I really love the way the HA Intensifier plumps my skin! When I use it nightly, I see a huge difference.

16. I loved your recent Forever21 finds, can you share more favorites?! I ordered the shacket and the Chanel dupe sandals and love both! Would love more designer inspired pieces.
Yes, they have so many good pieces lately! Here are some new favorites in my cart: this jacket (looks just like Isabel Marant!), these sherpa slides (ordering for the hospital!), these woven flat sandals and woven heels (Bottega vibes!), this bag, and this matching set!

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