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1. Do either of you have an idea on baby’s gender (no pressure to share your guess!)? I didn’t find out with two pregnancies & felt pretty certain both times by the end and was right. Congrats to you both!! It is such a wonderful surprise.
I truly have no idea – some days I lean toward boy and other days I think it’s a girl! I 100% thought Mila was a boy and was wrong!!
Brooke: Same, I have no idea either! I thought both of my girls were boys before finding out (I found out with both of them), so I’m clearly not great with guessing! I feel like way more people are telling me they think I’m having a boy…but no reasoning behind it haha!

2. How are you both going to handle taking maternity leave?
We will still be here/on stories day to day, but we’re each going to try to take one month off from shooting brand deals/collaborations when we have the babies. Luckily, the timing just works out with each of our due dates. As of now, Brooke will take April off, and Meggan will take May off. Not a typical maternity leave, but we don’t have a traditional PTO option & we have ongoing partnerships/obligations that have to be met & bills that have to be paid :).

3. I would love some tips on staying true to your pre-baby self, post-baby. It’s about to be baby time for my husband + I and truthfully, I’m scared I will lose myself in motherhood. I want to be a great mom, but also still be my fun self! Any tips on the balancing act would be appreciated 🙂
Congratulations! Don’t be scared, motherhood is amazing and you won’t lose yourself. In the beginning, you may feel that way for sure but just enjoy time with your newborn and know that the fog will lift ;). Some tips: remember to make time for yourself and continue doing things you love for yourself without feeling guilty. Whether it’s a mani/pedi, facial, massage, or even just a bath, make time for you. Keep in touch with your friends – yes, it’s a weird time right now during a pandemic, but keeping your friendships alive is so important for mental health! Zoom, facetime, or whatever you’re comfortable with…girl time is good for the soul! And don’t feel bad or guilty asking for help – it takes a village and I found that people are happy to help when needed! This is also a great post to read!

4. What non-dairy milk do you use that is best for frothing?
Oat milk really good for frothing, and I’ve found Almond Breeze is the best almond milk. Sometimes it’s hit or miss – not sure why, but I usually have good luck with both of these!

5. I’m looking for a new pair of athletic shoes to wear on easy hikes / school drop offs etc. suggestions??
We both love the Nike Air Max 270’s!

6. Love your style and always trust your recommendations, so I need help – what are some age-appropriate (late 20s/early 30s) ways to incorporate the new spring trends? I love to follow trends but everything seems SO young all of a sudden! I love the “Gen Z” style but would love to rock it in a bit of a more grown up way.
Bottom line: if you don’t love a trend, don’t wear it. Just because something is trending does not mean you have ‘bad style’ if you don’t participate – trends are the things we look back at and cringe saying, “I can’t believe I wore that!” That being said, a few trends we love and feel like you can easily wear: looser style denim (linked several of pairs we love here), these sneakers, broad shoulder tops, platform sandals, and trouser style pants – love this pair!

7. Can you share some of your favorite shopping apps? Mostly for comparing prices on clothing brands across stores, Keeping an eye on price drops or sales for favorite items or brands?
The only shopping app we really use is RetailMeNot! Otherwise we just sign up for brand/store emails so we know when sales are happening!

8. Would you be able to recommend a white dress appropriate for a baptism under $150?
Love this dress, this one, this one, and this one!

9. Can you guys do a round up of totes that will work as a diaper bag (with an insert)? I’m struggling to find anything I like! $500-ish.
We have and love this tote & you can customize it! If you want something more trendy, I love this Off White tote & it looks super easy to clean! This bag is great because it’s super lightweight and fits so much! 

10. Any recommendations for housewarming gifts for a guy? One of my best guy friends just bought a condo and I’m not sure what to get him for his new place.
Cocktail glasses
with a bottle of his favorite liquor, a nice candle, a catchall tray for his keys, wallet, phone, etc, or coasters (love these, would buy 2 sets).

11. Have you tried any matte sunscreens that you would recommend? I purchased a sample of the Supergoop Mattescreen and love it, but think it is pricey for a daily sunscreen.
I haven’t tried a matte one, sorry! This is my daily sunscreen – it’s not oily, easily absorbs into skin and doesn’t pill my makeup!
Brooke: I use EltaMD and love it, but I also love this one from Tula – I don’t think either of these are matte, but I never feel shiny with them on & they don’t break me out (so many sunscreens break me out). Our Tula discount code is: SOMEWHERELATELY.

12. I have a wedding on a Friday in late April. Any dress suggestions?
Loving this one, this one, this one and this one!

13. I’m moving into a little apartment and starting from scratch on decor. Any suggestions for a narrow console table (36in. wide), 2-4 seat dining table, and bookshelf for a cozy living space?
Love this console table, this dining table (this one too!), and this bookshelf!

14. Would love to know what you’re packing in your hospital bag!
Going to base it off of this list
! Probably not every single thing on the list, but these were the top recommendations and everyone is saying to overpack if you’re having a baby right now due to tight coming & going restrictions once you’re in the hospital!

15. Do you guys have budgets for your personal finances? If so, what tools do you use?
Yes, we do! We’ve been budgeting pretty specifically since we got married (almost 10 years ago), so there were no apps then like there are now. We are still old school with the Excel spreadsheet budget.  But I’ve heard great things about a couple apps – Mint and YNAB (You Need A Budget). If you’re looking to increase your savings or reach specific financial goals, but feel overwhelmed/like you can’t find ways to save, check out the Digit app, I have a friend who swears by this app!
Meggan: We also use Excel to track ours (and honestly could be better about it)! Love Brooke’s suggestions and definitely going to look into those apps!

16. What are your ‘serial killer traits’? Mine is that I bite into candy bars like KitKat and Hershey’s instead of breaking them up the way they’re meant to be eaten.
Mine are I unpack right when I get home from a vacation (miss those days lol) and I don’t do any shopping on my phone (I sound like my grandma but I get nervous it’s going to get hacked).
Brooke: I brush my teeth with hot water lol!

17. What do you wear to school drop-off/pickup? With the pandemic, I feel like such a slob.
Some days are better than others to be honest ;). We try to remember to snap a photo and add it to a highlight on our IG called #ootd. Lots of inspo on that highlight! Winter is easier because you can throw a pretty coat on top of any outfit and it instantly looks elevated. Our go-to’s right now are leggings, oversized sweaters, long jacket/coat and sneakers or boots!

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject! xx