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1. Any recommendations for should pad tee/tanks? Also, a roundup of Abercrombie pieces you’re loving lately?
Padded tees & tanks: here (just ordered!), here and here! And there’s so many Abercrombie pieces right now but a few favorites are these biker shorts, this midi dress, this bodysuit, this cropped sweatshirt, these shorts, this bikini, and this coverup.

2. I love the trees in your homes! I looked at the RH one Meggan has but it’s too big for my space. Brooke, do you like the olive tree you have? Do you know of a good fiddle leaf fig? I want to add some greenery, just don’t want it to look too fake!
Yes, I love it – I have this one! I have a faux fiddle leaf also, but it was from a local home store. A few fiddle leaf fig options: one, two, and three.

3. I am getting married next year and researching wedding bands. I’m open to non traditional options. My engagement ring is an oval stone with a thin gold band. I love a thick stack of rings but cannot decide between a more simple gold wedding band (Cartier love band) or a diamond band. Do you have any styles you love? Please share!
Congratulations! We love both styles & would recommend going to try them on with your ring before making a decision to see which look you like the best!

4. Would you splurge on the Hermes Oran sandals or the Saint Laurent Tribute?
Personally, we’d go with Hermes! Super comfortable & a classic!

5. Was wondering if you could do a spring trends update, maybe 5 things that are in and 5 things that are on their way out/you are over?
Fun! Okay, keep in mind, these are just what’s trending, and you should always wear what you love and feel comfortable in. We don’t wear pieces just because they are ‘in,’ but if you like something, go for it! That being said, what’s in: baggier denim (rounded up our favorites here), square toe sandals, oversized/bobyfriend blazers, strappy tops, and oversized sweater vests. You can also see styles we’re loving on our Spring Style Pinterest board. What’s headed out/what we’re over: tie dye, neon, skinny jeans (take this with a grain of salt lol, we will probably still be wearing our skinnies!), and big logo designer belts.

6. I have been trying to find good, tan, real-leather, alternatives for the Chanel Quilted 19 or Chanel Classic flap. Open to Chanel boy bag recs too if you see any but the first two are really what I’m after! Budget is $300 – $700. Any good recommendations?
A few we love: here, here, here, and here.

7. I’m about 12 weeks pregnant and just starting to show. Do you have any basic maternity pieces that are must haves? I’m just trying to get ahead of shopping so I have things to wear in advance. So far I’ve stocked up on align leggings.
These leggings
, these tanks, this oversized hoodie and tee, and comfy/stretchy dresses.

8. Meggan – what are you buying to wear postpartum? I’m due in May and also live in Texas. Looking for some cute cozy lounge looks that are appropriate for that hot hot TX heat!
I haven’t bought anything yet but will most likely be living in flowy dresses and loungewear! Some ideas: this midi dress, this t-shirt dress, and this maxi dress. As for loungewear, I’m currently loving the softAF line at Abercrombie. So many good options!

9. I was wondering if you could help me find a dress for my cousin’s bridal shower at the beginning of April. The theme is whimsical and citrus (think baby’s breath, eucalyptus, lemons). I’m petite so having a hard time finding something that would look good on my frame (5’0’ size 2 or 4). I’m maid of honor so I want to look put together 🙂 Looking to spend $100 or less.
Loving this dress, this dress (in nude), this dress and this dress!

10. I just bought my first house and am having so much fun furnishing it. I want my house to feel unique and special. What were your show-stopping items you bought for your houses?
Congratulations! A fun credenza, art (Brooke did awesome DIY – saved to our IG highlights!), a custom neon sign (Meggan used this company), faux trees (see question #2), and light fixtures (love this chandelier and these sconces!).

11. I just purchased a pair of Agolde’s (90s midrise loose fit in fall out) and I love how they look rolled online with heels. Do you have suggestions or tricks to how to roll these and not make your legs look cut off?
I roll mine so they look kind of messy on the bottom, I think it looks best/most effortless. I don’t like a big cuff. I think having them rolled a little bit higher in the front and a little longer in the back is the most flattering. You just kind of have to play around with it.

12. If each of you could pick one: Birkin bag or a piece of jewelry at/around the same price?
Meggan: Same!

13. I’m celebrating my 30th in a few weeks with friends. We’re renting a yacht in LA for a Saturday afternoon. Any outfit suggestions? I don’t know if I wanna wear a swimsuit because it may be chilly on the water. Anything is appreciated!
Some cute options: this jumpsuit, this white maxi dress, this matching set (cami + skirt), or this maxi!

14. Looking for a long black dress to wear to my sister’s small family wedding in Miami in July, I will be 6 months pregnant. Stumped looking for dresses that’ll be flattering, sexy, and appropriate for the hot weather. Thanks!
A few options that would look great: this dress, this one, this dress, this one, or this one!

Please email your questions to brookeandmeggan@somewherelately.com with #coffeetalk in the subject!