Testing The Old Wives Tales

1. Chinese Gender Calendar
Brooke: Boy
Meggan: Girl

2. Babies Heart Rate (under 140 is boy and above 140 is girl)
Brooke: Mine has been between 140-155 each time, girl
Meggan: Has been around 155, so girl!

3. Ring Test:
Brooke: Boy
Meggan: Boy

4. Salty (Boy) or Sweet (Girl) Cravings?
Brooke: I would say more salty, but I am craving both. I’m typically a huge candy person, but haven’t been craving it as much during pregnancy. I want all the carbs (ramen, bagels, baked potatoes) and can’t get enough fruit & orange juice.
Meggan: My cravings have been all over the place…grapes, oatmeal, bagels and cream cheese, Runts (the candy lol), oranges. But probably more sweet than salty – girl!

5. Carrying Low (Boy) or High (Girl)?
Brooke: I think lower – boy.
Meggan: I think lower too! Boy.

6. Pregnancy Glow (Girls steal your beauty & boys make you glow)?
This is probably the biggest difference I’ve seen in this pregnancy vs my others. With my previous two (girls), I had terrible acne on my chin and nose & my skin was extremely dry on top of it, not a winning combo. This pregnancy, my skin has been the best it’s been consistently in a long time – boy.
Meggan: I’ve definitely had some skin hiccups but for the most part it’s been pretty normal. Boy!

7. Morning Sickness (Girl)?
We both had all day sickness well into the second trimester & it creeps in from time to time even now! Girl for both.

8. Hair (thick and shiny is boy and dull/thin is girl)
Brooke: Boy

9. Clumsy (Boy) or Graceful (Girl)?
Brooke: Girl

10. Sleeping on Left Side (Boy) or Right Side (Girl)?
Mostly on my right side – girl.