What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag: Everything You Recommended from Basics to Extra AF

I’m so glad I asked the question what you packed in your hospital bag (this is my bag) on IG stories, because the responses were so good. I was surprised by how many things were recommended over and over that I would never have thought of! Tons of requests to share the most recommended items, so I’m sharing everything you recommended. Everything from the basics to the extra AF items are here for you. I will say, even the bougie items on this list were mentioned a lot, which makes me think they are worth it. If you’re having a baby during this time, you know you/your spouse/partner can’t leave the hospital or have any visitors (at least in most places). I’m usually the most underprepared person, but I feel like I’d rather go in overpacked this time ;). In no particular order, these were the top recommendations:

+ chapstick
+ skincare products
+ facial and body wipes
+ face mist/Evian spray
+ nipple cream if nursing
+ your own shampoo and conditioner
+ eye drops
+ hair ties & brush (lots of you mentioned forgetting these two items)
+ toothbrush & toothpaste
+ body lotion
+ pads (if you want to use your own instead of hospital pads)

+ extra long phone charging cord & portable charger (#1 most recommended item)
+ Amazon Firestick
+ iPad/computer for shows/movies
+ headphones
+ personal fan/stroller fan
+ bluetooth speaker for music
+ heating pad
+ white noise machine (I have app on my phone)
+ Vava lamp or small nightlight – I would have never thought of this, but so smart! This way you don’t have to turn on all the bright lights in the room during the night checks/feeding/bathroom, etc.
+ small diffuser with essential oils (this made me lol, but it’s also genius & so many of you recommended it)
+ polaroid camera – such a fun idea!

Personal Items: 
+ own towels
+ own pillow & blanket
+ slippers to throw away after (even several nurses said don’t wear slippers you wear at home)
+ shower shoes
+ inexpensive bath mat for hospital bathroom/shower
+ warm socks
+ robe/PJ’s
+ eye mask for sleeping
+ earplugs for sleeping
+ Always Discreet Underwear or Depends (you said way better than mesh underwear from hospital)
+ nursing bra & nursing pillow

+ gift basket for nurses
+ snacks & drinks
+ water bottle
+ extra bag that is empty, to take home anything hospital gives you (diapers, wipes, etc)

For Baby:
+ newborn mittens for baby hands/fingernails
+ pacifier
+ baby nail file
+ swaddles
+ outfit to go home in
+ carseat