One Bag, Worn 3 Ways

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Something I’ve always believed in investing in are luxury handbags. If you carry a purse or handbag daily (which most women do), you can’t argue that this wardrobe piece that’s basically attached to your body isn’t worth spending time and money on. More than that, when you spend a little more on a high quality handbag, it’s guaranteed to last so much longer. For every designer handbag I own, I plan to pass them down to Mila so she’ll be that cool girl in high school and college with mom’s vintage bags! All that to say, I was so excited when Von Holzhausen reached out about partnering over their incredible leather handbags and goods. And not just normal leather, but Technik-Leather, which is a 100% animal free and sustainable leather. Today, I’m showcasing their Large Bucket Bag that can be carried three ways: on the shoulder, as a crossbody/handheld, and even as a backpack!First, let’s go over the stats of this bag. It has a drawstring closure as well as an invisible magnet to really secure your possessions, and stands at 12” tall, 15” wide, and 6” deep. The large bucket bag also features removable straps with Von Holzhausen’s signature knotted design and a soft microfiber made from recycled plastic water bottles, plus two open pockets on the interior.
On top of all those features, this bag is insanely versatile. Everyone has a specific style of bag they love more than others, but this bucket bag does it all. Wear it on your shoulder or carry it in one hand with the shorter straps, use the longer strap to wear it crossbody, or convert it completely into an impossibly chic black leather backpack! It’s hard to find a luxury handbag of this quality that literally molds to your every mood and outfit, which is what makes this Von Holzhausen bucket bag so special. More than that, their special Technik-Leather is ⅓ the weight of real leather, which means you can load this bag up with everything you need and won’t hurt your back or arm in the process!
You can’t go wrong with any handbag from Von Holzhausen. They’re all stunning, high-quality pieces that will last you a lifetime and have people constantly asking, “what bag is that?!”

Big thanks to Von Holzausen for partnering on this post!